Understand your consumers’ psychology, understand their checkout behaviour [Infographic]

A consumer walks into a physical store either because he already has something on his mind to buy or to browse through the products displayed before he decides on his purchase. Either way, the look of the store and the attention he gets in the store from the sales personnel play a big role in influencing his purchase decisions.

In the virtual world of e-commerce, site designs, site speeds and product reviews take the place of physical product displays and store attendants. If you haven’t been paying attention to these, maybe its time you do.

Consumers assess a product in 90 seconds before deciding on whether to purchase it or not. If a product page does not load in 3 seconds, 57% consumers will leave the page, and 80% of these will never even return to your site!

Have a look at the infographic below to understand the psychology of your consumers and what factors influence their decisions before checking out.


Source: marketingprofs.com

Source: marketingprofs.com

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