Implement Live Chat to enhance customer experience

Just increasing your product portfolio does not necessarily bring in new and more customers. There should be equal, if not more, emphasis on enhancing customer experience. Live Chat can be your tool for this.

Picture this.

You walk into a physical store to buy a gift for the birthday party you are going to tonight. Its a 30-year old female friend and you have no clue what would be the ideal present. You have suggestions running in your head, but how do you choose? You look around for help, you have questions, you are confused .. But there is no sales person to help. How do you feel?

Irritated? Annoyed? Frustrated?

Probably one or all the above and more. So if that’s how you feel as a customer, wouldn’t your customers feel the same in your online store? Wouldn’t they need help too sometimes?

Live chat .. the solution!

Live chat is similar to sales associates approaching and helping customers in a physical store. Online stores can actively use live chat to:

  • send relevant greetings to customers
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • reduce shopping cart abandonments
  • reduce lost sales

Just like in a physical store, customers might respond to a greeting with just a hello if they don’t need help with the purchases. However, if they have questions like how to use a product, how a product would work, or what is included in the packing, they look for and readily welcome a knowledgeable person to answer their questions.

Online stores today are concentrating on creating shopping experiences for customers as close to offline stores as possible, to actively engage them and give them maximum customer satisfaction. A chat system is the answer to providing the human touch, or rather something as close to it as possible, in the online shopping world.

Rule-based chat – right way to implement chat in your online store

In physical stores, sales associates are trained to follow certain rules while helping customers. A customer who walks into a store quickly and heads directly to a product, picks it up and goes straight to the cash counter indicates that he doesn’t need help with his purchase as he knows what he wants. So the sales person would probably just greet him as he enters the shop with a hello or welcome.

Whereas, if a customer lingers around the aisles and searches through products, picking one after another and keeping them back, a sales associate would probably approach him and offer help.

These examples show that shopping behaviour is what determines the response of a good sales associate to a customer in the shop. Similar rules and guidelines can be followed for online stores to implement a rule-based live chat with customers.

Some common Chat Rules to initiate chat

You can follow these chat rules to initiate chat sessions with your customers to benefit them as well as yourselves:

  • Location – A geolocation trigger can be used to understand the customer’s location and suggest shipping options and offers.
  • Time spent on page – Like a customer spends time on the aisles in a physical store, online customers might spend varying times browsing through items on one page. Greetings can be triggered based on the time spent by customers on each page.
  • Time spent on site – Total time spent by customers on the entire site can be also a rule for greeting them and initiating chat.
  • Pages that are viewed – Chat greetings can be sent when a customer has viewed a particular page a certain number of times indicating the interest in products on that page but confusion due to some reason.
  • Referring page – Sometimes customers visit from referral sites or ads and greetings can be sent to them based on where they are coming from.
  • Search– When customers search on the site, that can also be a good time to start chat as that could mean they have not found what they are looking for.

The following graph shows when you can use, and effectiveness of, different greeting rules.

Source: Internet, Report on Live Chat

Source: Internet, Report on Live Chat

Remember ..

Despite following the above rules (which are only basic guidelines), if your customer does not respond to your greeting, it means he is not interested or does not want help. Then its better not to irritate him with more messages. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what you also want.

Live Chat will help to connect with your customers and keep them engaged to understand their needs and enhance their shopping experience.

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