Flipkart beats Amazon, launches Flipkart First

Global giant Amazon offers Amazon Prime to its customers in the West, subscribers of which are eligible for special benefits like 1-day delivery, extra time for replacement and other similar features.

Like its many other services, whether Amazon was planning to be the first to launch another new service in India we will not know as Flipkart has beat it by introducing Flipkart First on the lines of Amazon Prime. Taking a leaf out of Amazon’s book, subscribers of Flipkart First will have the following special privileges:

  • Free shipping on all purchases without a minimum limit
  • Free 1-day delivery
  • Same day delivery at lower rates
  • 24 x 7 customer service with minimum waiting time
  • 60-day replacement
  • Additional benefits (yet to be announced)

As a start, Flipkart is holding a contest to decide on 75,000 customers who will be able to use this service for a trial period of three months without any subscription charge.

Benefits of Indian Online Seller with Flipkart First

Amazon Prime is a big success in the West. Similarly, Flipkart First has the potential to be a similar success as free shipping and faster delivery is sure to be a hit with customers. So they will prefer Flipkart over other marketplaces.

As a seller on Flipkart, you can expand your product portfolio to try to reach all kinds of customers with their varied requirements. Coupled with Flipkart First’s services, if you can provide products that are different from other sellers at competitive prices, customers will keep coming back for more.


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