Surprise: Mobiles and Laptops dominate Flipkart’s sales

Although Flipkart started as an online store for selling books, books are not the biggest contributor to Flipkart’s sales today. It may not be a surprise that mobiles and laptops contribute significantly to ecommerce sales today. However, it may be a surprise that mobiles and laptops dominate Flipkart sales and this turnaround has come in the past year, before which customers were skeptical about making high-end purchases from online shopping sites.

Books are an integral part of Flipkart’s business and contribute substantial volumes in sales even now. However, there is a trend of ebooks now, with popularity multiplying by the day, as against physical books.

Recently, the Moto X and Moto G phones were launched in India through the Flipkart platform, making it the exclusive retailer to have done so. For the first time, a global brand tied up with an Indian ecommerce player for an exclusive product launch.

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The phenomenal response to these phones and the subsequent success is indicative of the growth of the ecommerce market in India and the importance of pricing and convenient delivery models. Although consumer electronics bring in the highest revenues for Flipkart  currently, the lifestyle category is growing at the fastest pace and might overtake in being the dominant product category soon.

Flipkart has touched many milestones since its inception – pioneered game-changing strategies like introduction of cash-on-delivery option; operating own logistics service; massive technology backbone; leading ecommerce player in India; first one to cross $1 billion sales. These show Flipkart’s determination and positive advances towards becoming India’s largest online marketplace catering to all kinds of consumer needs.

Sensing the need for evolution, Flipkart shifted to a marketplace model by opening its platform for multiple sellers. Indicative of a win-win situation for everyone, it helped to ensure Flipkart’s promise of maximum customer delight with more product choices at competitive rates while helping sellers, especially the small scale ones to reach out to a wider customer base without having to spend on physical or virtual infrastructure.

With six warehouses across the country, and plans to open more, Flipkart helps sellers to store their inventory and thus ease their overhead costs. Also, it helps Flipkart to stick to their delivery time promise as they do not have to be dependent on the sellers once the products are in their warehouses.

Opportunity for Indian Online Seller with Flipkart’s growth

Flipkart is constantly looking at means to scale their business and extend their platform to connect as many sellers and as many consumers as possible. With an average of around one lakh shipments a day, constant updates and advancements are required in the technological and logistical infrastructure needs. Hence, Flipkart always tries to scale its technology and supply-chain system and develop a talented management team.

With new product categories, sellers can extend their product offerings and thus aim to lessen the gap between demand and supply for products, especially in the tier 2 and 3 cities where choices and variety of products are limited.



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