Why do Ebay Sellers’ Accounts Get Suspended? (Part 1)

Editor | Sep 14, 2020

Account Suspension is a dreaded word in online seller circles. When this happens, it can definitely be huge blow to your business as all your sales will stop suddenly.  Account suspension can happen due to multiple reasons such as customer service issues, product integrity, violation rules, not paying seller fees etc.


Ebay India is a huge marketplace for online sellers. It has given a way for small business owners to sell their products online and thus reach many millions of customers in a simpler way. However, Ebay India also has guidelines that you have to follow, failing which you account is liable to get suspended. Getting your account activated again might not be very simple and depends heavily on why it was suspended in the first place. We, here at IndianOnlineSeller.com, want to keep you informed about dealing with Account Suspension so that even if that happens, you will know what to do next to get your account and business online again.

We are going to divide this feature into 3 parts namely;

1. Why do Ebay Sellers’ Accounts Get Suspended?

2. What Not To Do after your Ebay Sellers Account gets Suspended

3. How to get your Suspended Ebay Sellers Account Reinstated

Why Ebay Sellers’ accounts may get suspended:

Account suspensions on Ebay India generally have a cause associated with them. When your account gets suspended, you will receive an email from Ebay India informing you about the suspension and the exact cause behind the move. If you log into your account, you will also see the same information there.

Here are the reasons behind an account getting suspended on Ebay India.

1. You haven’t paid your Seller fees.

Ebay India charges you for setting up a store and listing your items. They also charge you a final value fee on every product sold. The final value fee is calculated based on an existing percentage for a particular category. There are other fees for Picture Hosting, Shipping etc. You have to make sure that you are paying all these various fees (those applicable to you) on time. You will definitely get reminders about the pending payments. Do not procrastinate here as Account Suspension will definitely grind your business to a halt overnight.

2. Serious and repeated Customer Service Issues:

If as a seller, your products and delivery timings have not made people happy, then they will definitely complain to Ebay India. If these serious customer service issues keep happening, then Ebay India will take notice, because they have to repeatedly assure the customer and handle the situation appropriately. Once you cross a certain threshold, Ebay will suspend your account. Do make sure that your product quality, delivery timings and other customer grievances are satisfactorily handled by you. In this case, prevention is the best cure.

3. Violating Ebay rules repeatedly:

Ebay India can suspend your account if you have not been following their guidelines and have repeatedly broken their rules. It would be better to acquaint yourself with these guidelines so that you know exactly what to do. You can see Ebay India’s rules and policies here.

4. Invalid contact information:

Now this might happen to anyone! If Ebay India finds out that your email address and phone numbers are invalid, it will move to suspend your account. This is because the company needs to be in touch with you to control the quality and flow of its service. Many a times, sellers might have to shift offices or change their email address if the business scales. Do make sure that your are updating your changed contact information on your Ebay India account the first chance you get.

5. You have close relations to or a similar address to another seller who has a suspended account:

If you have a close relation or someone living in the same building who also operates an online business with Ebay India, then you might have to look out for a possible account suspension coming your way if your relation/neighbour’s account gets suspended. While technically it is possible that this might not be your fault, it is prudent on Ebay India’s part to protect its process and not let anyone else game it. If this happens, you will have to get in touch with your regional manager or the Ebay India team to sort it out.

Now that you know the reasons behind Ebay India suspending an account, you should definitely know what steps you have to take or not take so that you can successfully re-activate your account.

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