Amazon Seller Reward Program an adaptation of carrot & stick policy?

Amazon’s VP Amit Agarwal says India is the etailer’s second largest market. With the expansion of online retail in the country, demand for ecommerce is only increasing. This makes it important of etailers to maintain and grow their seller bases.

Amazon like every other online marketplace is looking to gain the trust of online sellers and build its seller resource. To do this, the marketplace is pushing online sellers to join its seller reward program. The program offers a variety of winnings for sellers registered under it. It is similar to the carrot and stick policy, minus negative impact of the stick.

Recent email promotions of the program stated that top performing online sellers under the program will receive recognition for their efforts at an award ceremony along with certificates, cash prizes and other exciting winnings.

How does the Seller Reward Program work?

Once sellers register for the Seller Reward program on Amazon they will receive points based on their achievements subject to the terms and conditions for each offer and the terms and conditions of the program.

Reward points will be accrued in the seller’s rewards account on the Amazon seller rewards website – The account will be updated on a weekly basis. You can redeem the reward points you obtain in the form of:

  1. Cash rewards

Cash rewards will depend on the amount redeemed. Accordingly a cash amount will be credited to the seller’s bank account in a subsequent disbursement cycle from the date when the rewards were redeemed.

  1. gift cards

If the gift card is selected as a reward, the seller will receive an Gift card according to the amount of reward points redeemed.

  1. Services under SPN (Service Provider Network)

This option allows sellers to pick free services like Amazon boost, cataloguing and listing, advertising optimisation or transportation.

Benefits of the Seller Reward Program:

This program has been developed by Amazon to help online sellers grow on the platform and make an extra bit of cash as a bonus.

Online sellers can earn about 1400 reward points for simply launching FBA in 30 day of registration for the fulfilment service. 25 rewards point will be offered to online sellers who bring unique goods to Amazon fulfilment centres. These are just a few of the offers to earn seller rewards.

How to register to the Seller Reward Program?

Not every seller will earn rewards. Sellers must register for the program to earn rewards for their efforts. Sellers who are registered under the marketplace by agreeing to the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement are eligible to sign up to the Amazon Seller Reward Program.

Step A – To sign up, sellers must log into the program website using their Seller Central credentials.

Step B – Next they must sign in using the secure server and accept the terms and conditions of the program.

NOTE – Subscription fees are not required for enrollment or participation in the Seller Reward Program.

How to redeem your reward points?

There is a minimum limit of 250 rewards required for online sellers to redeem their reward balance.

To redeem your rewards go to the Amazon seller rewards website and follow these steps:

Step #1 – Enter the amount you want to redeem (this will depend on the available reward account balance the seller has).

Step #2 – Select a redemption option:

  • Cash rewards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Services under SPN

Step #3 – Select the redeem button.

Have you tried out this program from Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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