How to fix an Amazon Seller Account Suspension?

Pavankumar Baboori | Nov 27, 2020

Amazon account suspension can be a thunderbolt for sellers and it may be overwhelming to see that your seller account doesn’t exist anymore. Why has it deactivated? What is happening? What to do now? So many questions run on your mind. You may run into worry as you can’t sell or make money. 

With 2 billion site visitors every month, Amazon has laid the strict regulations to preserve the premium quality of its marketplace. Even the best sellers have their accounts suspended with the stringent policies. Fortunately, the suspension is not the end of your business and you have the facility of suspension appeal. To help you get back to the business, we have prepared the small tutorial in this article. 

Reasons for Amazon Account Suspension:

Here are some of the most general reasons for account suspension:

1. Poor seller performance:

Abnormal account health, negative customer feedback, and decreasing the seller metrics are the downgrading factors to Amazon. Customer satisfaction matters to Amazon, it doesn’t matter how reputed the seller you are. Even a seller with good metrics but poor customer satisfaction may experience suspension.

2. Operating multiple accounts:

Amazon follows one account per seller. For instance, if you sell the same product on two or more seller accounts of the same person, then there are more chances of account suspension. If you want to manage the multiple accounts, then write a letter, and get the approval. 

3. Paid Product reviews:

Amazon encourages only honest and unbiased reviews. If you encourage incentivized reviews on the website, Amazon seller central will cancel the listing or even block your account.

4. Selling restricted products:

Before listing a product on Amazon, you must carefully monitor then restricted products policy pages listed below. You should regularly review Amazon's policies as they change from time to time. As it is a global marketplace. It strictly follows the trade rules expecting the same from its sellers. A seller must sell the products that are legally compatible in different countries.

5. Order defect rate and pre-fulfilment cancel rate:

This metric calculates the percentage of seller’s orders that have received negative feedback. Buyer’s issues with their orders and disputes of credit card purchases also come under this metric. 

Pre-fulfilment cancellation is the ratio of the number of cancellations initiated by the seller before shipment to the total orders in that period. High pre-fulfilment rates indicate the poor inventory management.

How to get back an Amazon suspended account?

To continue your business, you need to submit an appeal to the Amazon Seller Performance. You will have 17 days to submit an appeal after the suspension and this appeal can be sent through the link provided in the suspension email. 

Submitting an appeal may not guarantee the reinstatement of the seller privileges, Amazon reviews each of the appeals carefully. Sellers need to appeal with the plan of Action, detailing how they improve the issues that lead to the suspension. 

Sellers can sign up for a 100% FBA model for more account reinstatement opportunities. Most importantly, sellers should put a lot of time and effort into their initial submission as there is no guarantee that Amazon provides an opportunity to submit a second revised plan. Some sellers reported being given a second chance to appeal, but some others do not have a chance for the second appeal, leaving their account suspended permanently.

Don’t give a try, improve the chances of having your business restored in the first attempt and here is how to write a successful appeal.

Creating a Plan of Action:

Regaining the trust after the suspension is the prominent thing, for this you must list down the issues in the selling or the inventory management in the Plan of Action along with the actions you are planning to take to resolve the issues. Whatever the issue, be sure you dragonize the root cause and fix it. 

You need to explain to Amazon how you are changing the tools, system, and processes to prevent the issues from getting repeated. Your POA should include the specific data showing that you are aware of the exact problem. Avoid the non-specific or vague words, instead use the timeframes whenever possible. 

The main goal of writing the POA is to enable Amazon to take informed decisions of lifting your suspension. Here is a format that you can follow while writing the suspension appeal.

Part 1: Introductory Paragraph

Give a brief description of yourself, and business and why your account has suspended. 

Part 2: Issue Description

Mention the issues that lead to account suspension and the research process that you used to recognize the issue and explain why the issue has occurred. Attach the data and specifics that you have found in the research. 

Part 3: Action towards the issue

Clearly describe the steps that you have taken to fix the issue and describe the changes implemented in the system, tools, and process. 

Part 4: Closing statement

Include the summary of steps you planned in bullet points as performance agents may review hundreds of appeals everyday, the bullet points will help them to review your POA easily. Mention the clear request to reinstate your business privileges.

How to send Appeal to Amazon?

The next step is sending the POA to Amazon for review. Here are a few steps that you must take 

  • Select the Performance Notifications from the performance dropdown in the Seller Central.
  • Find the suspension notice you received and click Appeal and then Appeal decision buttons.
  • Enter the details of your POA in the form and include the telephone number where you can be reached for any questions.
  • Once you click submit button, the appeal will be sent to Seller Performance.
  • You will receive a response from Amazon in 48 hours of POA submission. 

Things to avoid while writing suspension appeal:

Here are some mistakes to avoid that may further prolong the reinstatement process

  • If your account is suspended due to inauthentic inventory, Amazon may seek for invoices and other documentation illustrating your supply chain. Don’t modify or fabricate any paperwork requested
  • Be professional while dealing with the Amazon Seller Performance post suspension
  • Don’t send multiple letters after the first appeal
  • Take time and don’t get into rush to submit your first appeal
  • Don’t open a new account

Final Words:

As a suspended seller, you should have optimal focus on crafting the strong appeal to restore your business privileges. If your appeal is accepted and your business is reinitiated, take measures to prevent the suspension in future. Maintain the clear view of policies to steer away the risk of suspension and gear up your business experience. Optimize Amazon metric rate opening the lines of communication with the customers. 

Be thoughtful about the appeal and prepare a strong case increasing the chances of approval. Run regular audits for your business to ensure that you aim for growth not the suspensions.

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