Best Double Door Refrigerators for 2020

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LG 260 L 3 Star : Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator With Smart Inverter Compressor Read Review
  • Auto defrost function to prevent ice-build up
  • Energy-efficient, less noise & more durable
  • 194 Kilowatt Hours annual energy consumption

Samsung 324L 3 Star : Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator and Convertible Read Review
  • Suitable for a family of 3 to 4 members
  • 3-star rating energy efficiency
  • 88 liters of freezer capacity
  • Freestanding installation type 
Whirlpool 340 L 3 Star : Excellent Annual Energy Consumption Double Door Refrigerator Read Review
  • Intelligence inverter technology
  • Reduces energy consumption and ensures matchless performances
  • Fresh flow air tower with Flexi vents
Haier 276 L 4 Star : Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator with Twin Inverter Technology Read Review
  • Low temperatures efficiently for better cooling
  • Twin energy-saving mode
  • 10 Year Warranty on Compressor
Whirlpool 292 L 3 : German Steel Refrigerator with Convertible Read Review
  • Uses zeolite technology
  • Comes with microblock technology
  • Prevent 99% bacterial growth
Samsung 275L 3 Star : Most Energy Efficient and Easy Installation Refrigerator Read Review
  • Capacity 275 liters
  • Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members
  • Auto defrost to stop ice-build up

Godrej 290 L 3 Star : 6 in 1 Convertible Refrigerator With Excellent Features Read Review
  • 290L steel color
  • Patented cool shower technology
  • Largest vegetable tray

Godrej 255 L 2 Star - Frost-Free Refrigerator with Anti-B Technology and Antimicrobial Resistance Read Review
  • Reciprocatory compressor for optimum cooling
  • 243-kilowatt hours of annual energy consumption
  • Toughened glass shelves of 150 kg load-bearing capacity

Double Door Refrigerator Buying Guide 2020 :

Most of the refrigerators purchases in India are single door and double door. Double door refrigerators are the best choices for large families. The Indian refrigerator market is estimated to reach 14.2 million units in 2019-20 and they have become the integral part of the Indian families. 

The demand for the double door refrigerators is expected to grow by 2030 due to uninterrupted electricity, availability of credits, changing lifestyles, technological advancement, energy saving capabilities and many others.  Double door refrigerators are preferable over single door refrigerators due to the rise in the number of nuclear families, and the busy minds wish to store too much in the fridge. Here is the double door refrigerator buying guide for finding the right gear for your needs and budget.

Benefits of Double Door Refrigerator :

Double door refrigerators have the larger sizes and contain two doors with the storage capacity between 200-600L. One door covers the fridge compartment with the temperature between 0-10 degree centigrade. The other door is dedicated for the freezer chamber.  The two separate doors prevent the cooling to escape even when the doors are opened frequently. 

Here are a few advantages of double door refrigerators:

  • Separate and dedicated spaces for deserts, fruits, vegetables, and other beverages
  • Chambers can be adjusted as per the height of dishes
  • Even the 2-litre bottle can be stored
  • Energy efficient
  • Unique designs and models

Things to Consider While Buying Double Door Refrigerators:

Though there are many models in the market, having personalized features may help you have informed decision

1. Check the energy efficiency:

While buying any refrigerator, you need to check the power label printed over it. This energy star label tells how much energy a refrigerator consumes per month. For example, the more the number of stars, the less the power consumption. You need to invest more money when you wish to purchase a 5-star rated refrigerator but, they save you more power and money in the long run.

2. Frost free feature:

Most of the double door refrigerators except the basic and single door refrigerators are frost free. Electric fans inside the chambers of frost free refrigerators circulate cool air and avoid the formation of ice inside the chambers by maintaining the controlled temperature. These refrigerators also come with auto defrost technology that regularly defrosts the evaporator inside the fridge. 

3. Capacity:

It is one of the foremost things to consider to ensure that you never lack space to store food and use every corner of the refrigerator effectively and efficiently. Here is the relationship between family size and capacity.

2 adults + 1 kid= 150-250L

2 adults + 2 kids = 250-350L

3 adults 2 kids = 250-500L

4. Space:

Ensure whether the refrigerator fits in the dedicated space of your home or not. You should have space in the front part to open the door. Refrigerator also needs one inch of space at the top and the other three sides for the proper air flow. Sometimes, getting a refrigerator into your home can be a hassle due to congested space in the staircase or the elevator.

5. Additional features:

Double door refrigerators usually come with great features. Apart from the common features we have discussed, here are some selective features that may vary from person to person. Quick freeze compartments for the ones who use ice frequently. Child locks to prevent kids from opening the fridge. Auto moisture controlling can be a good feature to look for.

Final Words:

Unlike single door refrigerators, double door refrigerators can cater your needs for many years in the future even the kids add up in the future. The points discussed in this buying guide are enough to look while purchasing a single door refrigerator. The validity depends on the maintenance standards you follow.

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