1. Piyush Gupta Reply

    He should escalate the matter to the highest possible authority in Flipkart and keep the fire on

  2. Meghal shah Reply

    Our account too is delisted by Flipkart for the similar kind of reason. We sell in beauty and health segment. Flipkart delisted us for selling duplicated Product – VLCC gold facial kit . We provided them with the invoices from the supplier who is authorized distributor. The team insisted on VLCC authorisation certificate, which is not possible in our segment. None company provides such letter in our segment. We provided them the phone number of distributor, areas sales manager and zonal head of company.
    We even gave them example as many of the sellers on flipkart are selling at 50% discount which is not at all possible as if included flipkart commission this discount will be more than 87%. Does this mean these sellers are getting products at 20% of MRP.

    But flipkart team do not want to listen to anything and are not ready to reinstate the account. We also have gave up and that do not want to fall to the feet of them.

  3. Hi Shweta,
    I think he should accept what wrong has gone from his side & relist his all product on Flipkart that is only the option he has got. Thanks for sharing some best scenario faced by some the vendors on Marketplaces. Got to know some changes taken by marketplaces.

  4. dilsaz Reply

    We should raise voice to govt to implement good policy in regards for online seller and ecommerce portal
    There are many cases like this on every portal. These ecommerce companies are making huge and huge money from cheating of seller

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