Flipkart’s women sellers contributed to 20% sales in FY 2016-17


Indian Online Seller has spoken with multiple men and women about the success of their ecommerce businesses. And, what we’ve learned is, ecommerce is a non-biased platform that treats men and women equally.

“I don’t feel any discrimination in ecommerce especially because of my gender. In fact, I see ecommerce as an opportunity for women. Out of a hundred women, may be 30 would succeed as physical store retailers. When it comes to ecommerce though, you’ll find more success,” Anjali Chawla, owner of online brand Gujattire, told IOS in an interview.

Online marketplace Flipkart has noticed that the women sellers on its platform contributed to 20% of overall sales in the financial 2016-17. Also, out of its total Gold Seller base 20% are women and in case of Silver Sellers women make up 25%.

What do women sellers offer on Flipkart?

Women online sellers on Flipkart specialise in the sale of lifestyle products like apparel and accessories and also electronics.

The head of Flipkart’s marketplace, Anil Goteti said, The most popular category for our women sellers is the lifestyle category (70%) with the major sub-categories being women’s clothing and footwear. We have also witnessed presence of women sellers in other sub-categories like men’s clothing and health and beauty. The other major category among women sellers is consumer electronics with 16% of them present here.”

Do women enjoy selling with Flipkart?

Handbag manufacturer and seller JGShoppe, Vijetha Netalkar joined Flipkart 4 years ago. She was unable to sell through her own online website. But, her collaboration with Flipkart as an online seller has boosted her sales by 20% and currently, she manages total sales worth Rs.90 lakhs.

Through the etailer’s website intimate wear brand Clovia ships three hundred thousand products in a month and the only investment Clovia has made in Flipkart was for brand promotion.

VP of Key Accounts at Clovia, Somya Kant said, “Category visibility on Flipkart was initially low but has completely changed and we now have tremendously increased our visibility over time.”

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