Flipkart goes global through eBay; Does its programme differ from Amazon’s?


The acquisition of eBay has proved to be truly beneficial for Flipkart. Part of the etailer’s goals was to use eBay to test cross-border ecommerce through a systematic channel. The etailer then shut-down its global sourcing platform to benefit through eBay’s.

The Indian etailer has introduced a global programme via its partnership with eBay so its sellers can reach global consumers. The Flipkart platform is now available to shoppers from almost 200 countries.

Prospects of Flipkart Global

Anil Goteti who took over eBay India said that the aim behind the Flipkart Global programme is to promote

  • Made in India goods abroad
  • Cater to non-resident Indians

Initially, only Flipkart Gold sellers will be allowed access to this programme. But, in time it will be extended to other sellers on the platform. These sellers will mostly be selling products like handicrafts, saris, traditionally styled jewellery, accessories and other similar categories.

According to Goteti, “This is a large opportunity for us. We are looking to build on it with our massive seller base, the expertise of eBay India along with Flipkart’s technology and marketplace strength.”

What kind of advantage will sellers receive?

  • Millions of customers

The Flipkart Global programme will allow Indian online sellers to sell to eBay’s international customer base of 171 million. These customers will engage with eBay’s platform and Flipkart will fulfil the orders though courier partners.

  • Logistical support

Flipkart’s ‘Global Powership’ programme, which comprises of partnerships with global sellers and carriers, will be leveraged for the success of this programme.

eBay’s partnership with India Post will also be utilised. The foreign etailer set up special counters last year with India Post, to benefit its sellers.

  • Global exposure for Indian goods

“We want to encourage Indian manufacturing especially in categories such as jewellery, lifestyle, saris and other made in India products,” Goteti mentioned.

The main focus will remain on the categories comprising of goods manufactured in India. Flipkart’s new Billion brand which showcases made in India goods for the country’s consumers will also be made available to global customers in time.

But, the eBay platform will not carry any special Flipkart branding with regards to the Global programme.

The business head of eBay.in, Navin Mistry said, “Sellers who manufacture in India can leverage the global platform with a unique value proposition. If sellers are sourcing from other countries such as China, they may not be able to compete with sellers already selling globally.”

Amazon Global

Almost 2 years ago, Amazon launched its global seller programme in India Now it has registered approximately 23,000 sellers from the country.

Also, Amazon has tried to take Make in India goods abroad. The etailer extended its Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service and Sell on Amazon (SOA) to sellers in the international market.

The Amazon Global Selling programme offers guidance and support to sellers selling internationally. This is essential for first timers trying their hand at foreign ecommerce.

Will the same be the case for sellers under Flipkart’s Global programme? Or will they need to fend for themselves?

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