Around the Ecommerce world in 5 mins!

Ecommerce is changing everyday, and sometimes by the minute. So many new ideas and developments everyday, becomes hard to keep track.

We bring to you a curated digest of ecommerce developments/happenings around the world, compiled from various publications across the Internet.

Sellers of Nike on Amazon in danger of being banned

There’s news leaked out via Bloomberg that Nike have already signed a deal to sell direct on via the marketplace’s Brand Registry which would allow them to control third party sellers on the site. If you sell the Nike brand on Amazon you could wake up one day to find that you’re banned from selling.

Alibaba pours $1.3 billion into e-commerce platform Lazada

Alibaba Group is raising its bet on populous Southeast Asia, a region that is home to more than 600 million consumers. The internet giant said yesterday it would plough an extra $US1 billion ($1.31bn) into Southeast Asian e-commerce firm Lazada Group, raising its stake to 83 per cent, from 51 per cent.

Swiss fashion brand Strellson sells clothes for Facebook likes

Strelsson, Switzerland’s biggest menswear manufacturer, opened an online shop where consumers won’t need to pay money to get a fashion item. In order to be the owner of a trench coat or pair of jeans, consumers need to collect a certain amount of Facebook likes on a shared post.

One-third of British online shoppers use Amazon Prime

According to a survey by Retail Week, Amazon’s Prime is now used by one third of UK adults. The ICM study reveals that something like 19 million people (that’s roughly 30% of UK adults) use Amazon Prime. An Amazon Prime subscription, remind yourself, in the UK costs £79 per year or £7.99 a month and includes a stack of benefits. There’s speedier shipping plus music, videos, books and much more.

eBay is selling one iPhone every second in the run up to the models 10th anniversary

The iPhone will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on Thursday, June 29, and eBay has revealed it has sold one model every second for the last three months. The popular online marketplace even said that the iPhone 5C, which was released in 2013, takes the crown as the most popular iPhone, seeing more than 35 million searches over the last three years – that’s around 22 every minute.

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