1. Rajshekar Reply

    Returns are pack and parcel of this business.
    Get over it and stop whining!
    I put 10% as returns as normal. and i price my products accordingly .
    For any damaged products they are reimbursement .

  2. satya Reply

    Nothing can be done.
    Get ready and fight back like farmers . Else one day all small sellers will be going out from ecommerce

  3. Gourav Reply

    @IOS please move comment section above to motivate commenting.

    Since number of sellers are increasing a lot. Websites are making policies which don’t support sellers and only making profits​ for websites​ or helping them to make better image for their own competition.
    As sellers we need to find the way to speak against these policies.

  4. Samip Reply

    Amazon runaway program is huge problem for reaching fraudless sell.

    We use to cut delivery charges if customer wanted to return except manufacturing defect or wrong product delivered from customers payment. As per business policy these are only our fault.

    If customer do not like what he bought he may return it after bearing shipping charges on his own as it’s not our fault.

    But runaway program has given open doors to fraud buyers.

    We always accept return stating that delivery charges will be deducted in all cases except mfg defect or wrong product and we never has a to z claim as it was under amazon policy.

    Even amazon allow to dedcuct shipping charges.

    We use to track reapeated customer from browntape…it help a lot getting to know who is genuine repeat buyer.

    Cause it tells us who returned after purchase.

  5. Ankit Reply

    Under Hot topics of run way issue from amazon started new blunder in referral fees , they take advantage of seller unconsciousness, 95% of seller can`t understand on what category amazon charged how much .

    After increasing in referral fees rate they charging more then that & if seller complain they ask to feel tedious excel sheet format & ask for wrong referral fees difference charges what seller have to calculate & ask for reimbursement.

    once seller feel sheet amazon simply refund referral fees difference because they know they are doing unethical charges. & they never try to correct referral fees for such product / ASIN , they have simple logic to charge more & if seller understand & make complain reimburse amt. , [unethical ways of doing business]

    this is one of biggest blunder / Scam in amazon .in , they always blame on creator of asin product listing & answer is given wrong category still they understand they never change asin category ,after doing complain from seller also. – Be careful

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