Around the Ecommerce world in 5 mins!

Ecommerce is changing everyday, and sometimes by the minute. So many new ideas and developments everyday, becomes hard to keep track.

We bring to you a curated digest of ecommerce developments/happenings around the world, compiled from various publications across the Internet.

eBay under fire again in media regarding Buyer Fraud

We’re all familiar with the eBay issues regarding Buyer Fraud. It takes a few familiar forms. The buyer claims an item hasn’t arrived and wants a refund and the item isn’t tracked. Or perhaps the buyer claims that the item hasn’t arrived (when it has under tracking) and gets a refund. Or, maybe, a buyer returns the goods and they aren’t at all what you the seller sent out.

Ecommerce Warehouse Labor Costs On The Rise

Amazon Go could be coming to the UK soon

Amazon Go is Amazon’s checkoutless supermarket offering and it looks like it’s coming to the UK if reports are to be believed. Previously we’ve reported that they have been scouting locations and now it looks like they are edging closer.

Magento Commerce introduces Magento Shipping

Magento Commerce has launched its own multicarrier solution, called Magento Shipping, which automates shipping and fulfillment for online retailers and brands. With the solution, Magento users get access to regional and international carriers to automate their fulfillment.

GLS expands FlexDeliveryService in Europe

Parcel service provider GLS has further expanded its international FlexDeliveryService. By adding new countries, FlexDeliveryService is now available in twelve connected countries in Central and Eastern Europe. With the service, online shippers will be informed of scheduled deliveries and can decide when and where they want to take delivery of the parcels.

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