Shopclues Surety initiated for seamless shopping experiences & higher confidence in online sellers

Online marketplace Shopclues is on a mission to impress its online sellers and buyers too. The ecommerce platform initiated ecommerce enablement initiatives to onboard new sellers and now it has launched a brand new premium service to capture buyers. Post demonetisation, sales slowed down for the etailer and its new initiative, Shopclues Surety, is expected to pick up the sale pace by making customers feel more secure.

Shopclues has 5,00,000+ online sellers, making one of the biggest ecommerce channels in the country. Its newly launched premium service is expected to help change customer experiences with these sellers, for higher chances of sales.

What is Shopclues Surety?

Shopclues Surety is an extension of the Shopclues Buyer Protection program. It is a premium service offered to online customers. It assures them that a product has passed through a series of quality checks so they receive nothing but the best.

According to this program, a 5 point quality checks will be conducted on seller products on the marketplace and data analysis and sure dispatch will be provided to customers for a trouble free shopping experience.

Shopclues Surety products will be rated based on preset quality parameters and evaluated and identified through detailed research conducted by category experts, mentions the ecommerce firm.

The Shopclues Surety products will be segregated into the following four categories for an optimal purchase:

  • Best buy – refers to products with the best ratings in the 5 main parameters of the quality check that ensures the given product’s quality is equal to that of branded goods.

  • Great buy – is a category of products rated well in the 5 parameter quality check. It ensures consumers know the product is of good quality and comes at the best price possible.

  • Value buy – means the product provides all functional benefits it displays and is worth the money a customer pays for it.

  • Brand authorised – products are 100% genuine items and are offered by authorised merchants only.

This service is a great way to offer sellers marketplace support and achieve customer confidence and trust.

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  1. Market places are biased towards buyers who with no genuine reasons return products..this all on the cost of losses to sellers..try to establish your own store and minimize dependency of greedy market places who sucks your profit with high commissions..

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