DHL Express now offers On Demand Delivery for orders across borders

Due to online retail India’s logistics market has caught the eye of many local and foreign logistics companies. By 2020, the ecommerce sector is expected to grow phenomenally up to $60 billion or more. While the logistics sector in the country is expected to be worth $2.2 billion. Logistics providers are investing more into their businesses to expand and double income.

Recently, DHL Express, the international express delivery service provider decided to launch ‘On Demand Delivery’ across borders. According to this new service, shippers in India can provide power to cross border receivers to select delivery options from a range presented to them.

The Senior Vice President and Managing Director at DHL Express India, RS Subramanian, said, “Global trade and especially cross-border e-commerce, is pushing the need for traders to customise solutions for their customers – a need that becomes more pronounced when retailers are operating in markets which are highly competitive and commoditised. Traders are looking to provide a better value proposition to their own customers by including flexible delivery solutions. Hence, adding an On Demand Delivery model to our customer offering via convenient digital platforms makes sense.”

How will ‘On Demand Delivery’ work?

Specific delivery options can be selected by shippers with the On Demand Delivery service. Once that’s done, DHL Express will send out email or SMS notifications about the shipment progress. Through the On Demand Delivery mobile optimised website, receivers in other countries can select from a range of delivery options. This way Indian online sellers can deliver internationally, without worrying about missing delivery deadlines.  

By enhancing its digital and last mile potential of its network via On Demand Delivery, DHL Express plans on meeting customer demand swiftly and efficiently.

Subramanian mentioned, “This will provide cross-border e-tailers, who may otherwise lack the local infrastructure and visibility, with new opportunities to create a positive online shopping experience for their customers.”

Based on a shipper’s Account and the DHL country policies, receivers in a foreign land can access around 6 different options through mobile and desktop devices.

Currently, this service from DHL Express is only available in Asia Pacific. It is offered in Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia. By the end of 2017, the company expects to include 100+ countries under this service and in offer it in 45 different languages. For India, this service is available to local receivers but with restrictions to options like ‘Schedule Your Delivery’ or ‘Vacation Hold’, all on account of regulations.

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