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Ecommerce is changing everyday, and sometimes by the minute. So many new ideas and developments everyday, becomes hard to keep track.

We bring to you a curated digest of ecommerce developments/happenings around the world, compiled from various publications across the Internet.

Amazon ‘Treasure Truck’ could be coming to London

Amazon does have some imaginative ideas and, when it comes to marketing gimmicks to encouraging purchases, what they call the Treasure Truck is pretty unusual but rather good fun. So far it has predominantly been operating in Amazon’s home town of Seattle in Washington state, USA. But it has also been seen in Las Vegas and there is speculation that it will be launching in other US cities. And now it looks like it’s coming to London too. So what is the Treasure Truck?

FedEx looks to ecommerce SMEs for growth

Global delivery firm FedEx is honing in on the ecommerce opportunity and is launching FedEx Fulfillment. It’s a service focussed on ecommerce SMEs and marketplace sellers who are plugged in to the realities of online selling. A core component of the FedEx Fulfillment offering is apparently its SaaS-based platform. They say they can help SMEs realize profitable and scalable growth through various ways, including warehousing, fulfillment, packaging, transportation and reverse logistics.

Lingerie retailer Cosabella boosts revenue from emails by 60%

In the past two years web sales for have grown to account for 15% of the high-end lingerie retailer’s sales, up from 8%, says Courtney Connell, marketing director for the retailer and wholesaler. The rest of the brand’s sales are mostly conducted via wholesale distributors, including at luxury department stores like Neiman Marcus, No. 36 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, and Nordstrom Inc. (No. 18).

Amazon sold 60 million fashion items in Q4 2016

When I think of Amazon, fashion isn’t the first category that springs to mind. The marketplace is however growing it’s clothing and accessories categories rapidly with more than 60 million fashion items sold during Q4 2016.

Jewelers show free shipping love to last-minute Valentine’s Day shoppers

Valentine’s Day is a week away, and retailers are hoping shoppers will have some extra affection left over for them. Jeweler Tiffany & Co., No. 127 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, is giving shoppers until  3 p.m. Eastern on Monday to place their online orders in time for complimentary delivery by Valentine’s Day, which is the following day.

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