Seller Alert! Terms of use of Fulfilled by Flipkart have changed

Online marketplace Flipkart is no stranger when it comes to introducing change. The etailer has changed its policies regarding weights numerous times. And now, at the start of this new year, the ecommerce company has done it again.

Flipkart has introduced new changes to the terms of use of its fulfilled by Flipkart feature. It informed online sellers via email that these changes would be made effective from 5th January 2017. The changes made are with regards to weight issues for fulfilled sellers on the platform.effective from 5th January 2017. The changes made are with regards to weight issues for fulfilled sellers on the platform.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

  1. Disputes in volumetric weight calculated during inwarding into warehouse

  • Volumetric weight disputes will not be entertained for all products that fall under the verticals stated below:


  • Sellers with products that do not fall in the above list will be allowed to raise requests for recalculations in case of discrepancies. However, the seller is required to share valid proof of discrepancies.
  1. Disputes in actual/dead weight

In this case, sellers will be allowed to request recalculations in the event of discrepancies. Proof of the discrepancies will need to be provided.

Flipkart states that it will not be able to liable to reverse any amount disputed regarding weight disputes.

How can sellers be prepared?

A – Sellers must thoroughly check the lxbxh and weight values of their products under inventory in the Flipkart Fulfilment section on the seller portal. In the event of discrepancies in these values, a dispute must be made according to the above changed policy.

B – Flipkart urges sellers to make sure they are proactively checking the volumetric and actual weight of their products. At the same time, the etailer states that only valid proof will be taken into consideration. So sellers must do the needful.

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