Amazon Business Seller Program taking sales to next level? How can you join?

Amazon is growing in leaps and bounds in its B2C business these days. One might say even better than Flipkart. The foreign online marketplace recently invested a 160 crore in its Amazon business wholesale marketplace that sells to other businesses. Amazon strongly believes in its B2B platform and sees immense potential.

How can you benefit from the Amazon Business Seller Program?

Amazon’s Business seller program allows online sellers to cater to a whole new set of online customers. These are Amazon’s verified business customers. Enrolling in the Amazon Business Seller Program allows one to be a business seller with a wider reach to businesses on Amazon. Through this program, sellers can drive sales growth as well. The program allows them to specify special business prices and bulk discount slabs for easier selling.

Key features of the program

  1. No added fees or charges

Sellers will not be required to pay Amazon any additional fees or other charges to avail of this facility. However, a seller must show an exemplary history as an Amazon seller to enroll in this facility from Amazon.

  1. No need for new accounts or listings

Sellers do not need to maintain additional accounts as Amazon business sellers. Their existing B2C account is sufficient. Similarly, their existing listings on their seller central account will be sufficient for the business portal. The special business prices and discounts will be shown only to Amazon’s verified business customers.

Key requirements to enroll in the program

A. Tax/ Business invoice

Sellers must provide Amazon with a business/tax invoice along with all orders stating the following details –

  • Buyer’s business name
  • PO number (if available)
  • VAT & CST number (where applicable)

B. Seller training

Every seller who enrolls in the Amazon Business Seller Program must complete compulsory webinar training. Online sellers must be trained in this kind of business so they thoroughly understand the program’s features about pricing, invoice generation and the policies it has in place.

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  1. This sounds very interesting however, how do I enroll for Amazon Business Seller Program? Could you please share the link or contact info?

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