Flipkart alters its commission, shipping and collection fees all over again


Flipkart is no stranger when it comes to changing policies and fee. The etailer like many revises these on a regular basis causing reconciliation inconveniences and discontent among online sellers.

The last time IOS reported a Flipkart policy revision it was about the etailer’s weight reversal policy change. This time it has revised the following marketplace fees and policies:

  1. Commission

Here the rates of some sub-categories like microwaves, televisions, washing machines and so on, have been decreased. For a few other sub-categories, the commission rates have been increased

  1. Collection fees

The rates under collection fees have been changed too. They will vary depending on the type of payment a customer makes, i.e. COD or prepaid.

  1. Shipping fees

In the case of shipping fees, the rate will be discounted for Gold and Silver sellers. The weight slabs and shipping rates have been changed. The reverse shipping fees have also been revised.

Sellers were informed about the above changes via an email. They were made effective from the 23rd of November.

Seller Tiering

Changing their fees and commissions were not the only alterations the etailer made in November. At the start of the month, Flipkart also introduced Seller Tiering. This is a reward system based on performance. The system classifies sellers into three – Bronze, Sliver and Gold sellers .

How are sellers classified?


What benefits do sellers enjoy?

Bronze silver gold

*Effective from mid-December.

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