1. BigSmile Furniture, a furniture company working with Mebelkart (a subsidiary of AskMe) also owes lot of money of the sellers those who have been selling on their platform. I have filed a recovery suit against Mebelkart for an amount of Rs.1,75,000 for the orders that were picked up and delivered to the customers but never paid to BigSmile Furniture. I request the concerned authorities to take strict action against such eCommerce companies and help us get our money back.

    AskMeBazaar has also done similar kind of cheating with its sellers and have not paid outstanding dues to its sellers. They have got a NOC signed from the sellers saying they have cleared the dues, but that is not true, none of the seller have been paid for a long time now.

    I would urge all other sellers also to come forward and demand justice from the Indian Government.

  2. Rajshekar Reply

    a typical Indian Cry baby stuff by AskMe! Lol! what do you expect most Indians blame on others and put others lives and reputation at stake.

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