Shopclues sellers asked to update TIN number to avoid order cancellations

If you haven’t already heard, Shopclues has been requesting its sellers to update their TIN numbers on the Store Manager as soon as possible. Any delays in doing so will impact sales on the online marketplace.

According to a notification email from the etailer to its sellers, without a TIN number, Shopclues will not be able to process orders. These orders in turn will be cancelled under NSS.

How can sellers avoid loss of orders and sales?

To continue selling on Shopclues, sellers are required to update their TIN numbers by following these steps:

Sign into Store Manager

Select the ‘Settings’ option and then ‘My Detail’

Verify mobile number

Click the Step 2 option – Bank Detail

Select the ‘Edit’ option near the VAT/CST field

Enter required details and click save

Shopclues is working hard to build its platform with the help of its sellers. The etailer is mainly focusing on its sellers these days, through new seller support efforts and the addition of convenient features for online sellers. Hopefully, this slight inconvenience will not put a damper on its efforts to boost seller moral.

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