Amazon seller panel revised; but only for a few?

After deciding to revise seller fees, Amazon has implemented changes to its seller panel too. The etailer recently introduced changes on the panel however some sellers informed us that they have not yet experienced changes on the Amazon seller panels they use.

When speaking with the experts at Browntape, the multi-channel inventory and order management company, we learned that there were three changes introduced on the panel by Amazon. We were again informed that not all sellers have experienced these changes.

Change 1 – Buyer Messages

Originally, messages from the buyer would show up on the panel in two tabs ‘Received Messages’ and ‘Sent Messages’. The following is the old format:

Amazon Seller Panel

Amazon Seller Panel

Amazon Seller Panel

Now, the buyer messages and seller responses appear in a thread like below:

Amazon Seller Panel

Amazon Seller Panel

Pros of this change:

  • The thread format keeps all message records systematic and easily available. This makes the change convenient for sellers to find and read messages from buyers.
  • There is no need to switch between windows like before.
  • All order details show on the right hand side of the screen when checking buyer messages.

Change 2 – Manage Returns

This feature on the seller panel has been tweaked as well. The manage returns feature allows sellers to authorized returns, close requests, issue refunds to customers and contact the customer when a return or refund is requested. The change introduced here is the additional filters on the right of the image below. It allows sellers to obtain all return and refund requests based on:

  • Closed requests
  • Authorizes requests
  • Requests closed by the seller
  • Requests closed by the customer
Amazon Seller Panel

Amazon Seller Panel

Cons of this change:

  • There are additional steps to be taken here. The order ID must be selected then entered in the correct field too obtain the required return related information.
  1. Account Status

This feature appears on the left hand side of the Amazon seller panel as shown below. It shows the health of a seller’s account. This is based on customer return dissatisfaction rate. (Learn more about the return dissatisfaction rate here.)

Amazon Seller Panel

Amazon Seller Panel

What does the seller panel lack?

Based on our interaction with Browntape we learned that online sellers do not have the option of providing feedback on the seller panel. Sellers cannot rate new features or ask for assistance about them directly on the seller panel. Seller’s are also not informed in advance of new changes introduced to the panel and how they operate.

Online seller Vishal told us the Amazon seller panel lacks tracking IDs.

“These are provided by email to online sellers. But it is difficult to find an individual one in our inbox. If these details were available on the marketplace seller panel, it would make things easier for us when tracking orders and returns,” he says.

Have you noticed changes on your seller panel? How have they affected you and what kind of changes would you like to see on the panel?

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  1. Ankit Reply

    Amazon keeps changing policy frequently , issue related to shipping charges via migration template/sbr having bug & untested software provided to sellers. which is implemented on 28th Nov 2016 .

    Amazon them self charging different different charges to seller for shipping but not allow to take different different charges to seller from buyer , No facility to seller to keep different charges for different sku`s in easy ship.

    Amazon also not allow seller to take 1.25% as delivery charges on selling price of product from buyer What they are taking from seller & return order also they charged 1.25% . Which is Unethical for seller.

    Whenever amazon Crete any policy their is no benefit to seller , Amazon only looking on their profit only

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