Sellers locked out of Amazon from morning to noon; Sellers fear delayed dispatch!

If you were locked out of Amazon Seller Central yesterday, you weren’t the only one. IOS was informed by a 100+ online sellers via Whatsapp Messenger that the online marketplace had a major technical malfunction.

Every time sellers tried to log into the online marketplace they saw this message instead of the seller panel:



Sellers alarmed about dispatch delays

Online seller Ravi and owner of the brand Legenddeal said, “Yes, we are having trouble with Amazon Seller Central. We got a mail from them regarding technical issues. They told us issue will be resolved soon. Everybody is thinking about late dispatch rate. I hope it will not affect due to this issue.”

Another seller informed us that the issue was affecting his product promotions on

“We cannot keep an eye on our campaigns. Our campaigns are running out of budget and we cannot adjust it. We could not process order for today’s dispatch schedule. Not able to stock out items which are sold,” the seller stated.

Chirag Gada sells premium fashion online and he too couldn’t access his Amazon seller account.

He said, “Amazon Seller Central hasn’t been working since this morning. The marketplace sent us this response,”


Sellers were notified about the issue via email and SMS that Seller Central was currently unavailable. Some sellers said their Amazon account managers informed them about the issue as well.

Gada also stated that there was a problem with “Even on orders cannot be placed. It shows PIN code issue.”

Problem solved!

At around 2 pm online sellers started to message us once again. This time, to notify us the issue had been resolved by Amazon.

Some say the issue was a result of Amazon trying to update is systems. This technical trouble was not only an issue for Indian online sellers on Amazon. Tamebay also reported that Amazon sellers in the UK were facing the same problem.

“As is always the case, we have absolutely no idea how long Seller Central could be off line for, it could be half an hour or it could be all morning. What we do know is that there’s very little anyone can do about it so put the kettle on, have a leisurely breakfast, stressing over it won’t change anything,” the publication told sellers.

It also said those sellers using third party multi-channel management tools should be alright.

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  1. Krisna Reply

    YES online sellers THIS is the time to THINK and stop selling on Amazon
    In fact worst and fraudulent shopping site for sellers – there are other others of sellers crying for help….NO help at all.
    We too decided to quit Amazon because orders issue, payment, returns all issues. Biggest issue with return.

    So, decide do you want to continue with your offline business or continue to get trap in the online big player and then suffer huge and huge losses that you cannot recover

    This time they are taking huge orders but, getting 90 percent returns.
    50 percent returns are coming from non serious buyers. And other returns coming because lazy delivery staff at Amazon not delivering parcel and giving wrong information saying customer not available at home.
    After detailed research we came to know with proof that even after customer complaining repeatedly with Amazon and their supervisors still delivery staff not delivering parcel. Actually not even contacting the buyer and saying attempted delivery and customer not available at home.

    With this it confirms Amazon just looting sellers and causing inconvenience both to the sellers and buyers.

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