Flipkart states submitting incorrect package dimensions will warrant strict penalties


Online retail on marketplaces requires online sellers to play by the rules of the platform. Non-compliance can lead to penalties in the form of fines, suspensions and even account deactivation. Paytm recently notified its online sellers of the various activities it considers unjust. The etailer informed its sellers that strict action will be taken against rule breakers.

Paytm is not the only ecommerce platform highlighting marketplace malpractices to online sellers. Flipkart has also emailed online sellers about malpractices that go against its Seller Performance Policy.

According to the etailer, many online sellers haven’t been entering the correct package length, breadth, height and weight at the time of product listing and during order processing too.

Bad behaviour warrants punishment

In case online sellers display behaviour like above, Flipkart claims:

– A financial penalty will be levied on all the orders detected with anomalous packaging dimensions.

– Repetition of this behaviour will impact seller metrics.

– Accounts will be made pending if improvements are not made in spite of warning/s from the marketplace.

How can sellers avoid penalties?

To avoid unnecessary penalties, Flipkart has advised sellers to:

  1. Review and update their packaging dimensions for all their listings through the My Listings page.
  2. Enforce strict operation checks. This way the correct package dimensions are entered at the time of label creation.
  3. Make sure the weighing machines and measuring tapes used are accurate.
  4. All measurements must be taken only after the product has been packaged. (Not before!)

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  1. dipak Reply

    they charge penalty when seller doing wrong.
    but what about that order in which flipkart charged high logistic cost than actual
    flipkart not give payout automatic on that all order

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