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  1. Fernandes Reply

    eCommerce is toughest job in India. Ecommerce is not for everyone. Only few rich people or people with the help of government of India with heavy foreign investment able to survive.

    And other common Indians will suffer and there will be one day where more serious issue will arise due to this all returns games, customer is kind game is played for long time. Already due to eCommerce business model is alarming in India.

    Everywhere there are tensions. Unemployment etc.

    Can government of India rescue these companies. Small sellers when they suffered heavy losses and even closing down the business?
    Is the government only know for taking money from people and not giving when we are in need?

    It is called hafta usooly. Simply taking money when business running and when business in losses. Employment is in tough condition. Blind government simply relaxing.

    Where is their conscience?

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