eBay uses Twitter to get back into the ecommerce game? Will #eBaySmartAsk make an impact?


If you live and breathe through your twitter feed you will never have to switch screens to shop on eBay. The online marketplace launched a new concierge service that happens to be India’s first in ecommerce. This feature allows consumers to use their twitter accounts to search for products listed on ebay.in.

How is eBay making this work?

With the help of the #eBaySmartAsk feature, consumers will be able to:

  • View the top four results in the form of snapshots
  • A link will also be provided to the search result page

All responses will be intuitive and framed in a quirky conversational style. This way users can enjoy a personalized experience instead of a computer generated one. Consumers won’t have to leave their twitter page because this feature will display the products they’ve searched directly on their timeline.

Bringing its business back into focus

It’s been a while since eBay wowed its consumers and the launch of the #eBaySmartAsk app could just do the trick. eBay certainly has faith.

eBay India’s Marketing Director, Shivani Dhanda said, “At eBay India, we believe in reaching out to consumers in a manner that excites them to further shop online.  Our research and expertise in this space has propelled us to focus on heightened engagement with consumers via Twitter. Social commerce is fast evolving and will soon be of prime importance in the marketing strategies of ecommerce companies. eBay India has been a leader to launch an intuitive shopping experience feature that is intrinsic to the twitter platform.”

The app is designed to interest potential online consumers who spend a lot of time on social media. Consumers will have the search option available on their personal profile enabling a hassle free integration of social networking and online shopping.

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  1. Kativa Reply

    It is horrible experience selling on eBay India. Even for oldest seller you do not get any kind of respect.In fact eBay India doing fraud by charging sellers Final Value Fees ( FVF ) when for failed orders.
    Not only that, they are unable to resolve seller issues and respond to your email after a month. Even if you escalate to supervisors they too provide same kind of information. All canned responses like “Sorry for inconvenience caused” “we will get back to you”
    They are collecting huge illegal money by cheating sellers. For buyers it is doing lot of favor.

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