1. if you are new to selling in online it is always best to opt marketplaces to experience decent amount of sales but the recent changes in marketplaces commissions hurting a lot to seller profits and afraid of selling on marketplaces that might end up in losses. Investing on own website takes lot of money to generate visits, sales, loyal customers and takes time . Few reasons you can opt for own online store instead of online store .
    1. More control like own policies, terms and conditions, return policies etc.
    2. Easy product listing that eliminate tedious excel uploading on marketplaces
    3.Design better and in customers way
    4.Better search optimization
    5.You can build your own brand.
    6.Market your product, not someone else
    7.No commissions except payment gateway charges
    8.Better search engine optimization

    On the online marketplaces, it’s too easy to hop from one seller to another, comparing and contrasting products. With your own online store, you can create exclusivity for customers . There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of marketplaces and own store until you know the clear difference in sales. There are dozens of ecommerce platforms available on internet to build own online store in minutes.

  2. Amit Reply

    Hi Tanooja
    Nice views there. Could you elaborate on the platforms for own E Store?

    Much Thanks

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