Around the Ecommerce world in 5 mins!

Ecommerce is changing everyday, and sometimes by the minute. So many new ideas and developments everyday, becomes hard to keep track.

We bring to you a curated digest of ecommerce developments/happenings around the world, compiled from various publications across the Internet.

How will Brexit impact U.S. e-retailers?

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union will likely impact North American online retailers, both immediately and in the longer term. The immediate impact will fall on the many U.S. and Canadian e-retailers that accept orders from consumers in the United Kingdom. With the British pound falling 7.5% against the U.S. dollar today in the wake of the Brexit vote, goods priced in U.S. dollars automatically become that more expensive for British consumers.

PayPal Gives to Charity with eBay Users’ Funds

eBay sellers are generous, but they like to give their permission before their money is donated to charity. This week, some eBay users discovered that PayPal was making unauthorized donations to charities through eBay Giving Works, taking the money right out of their PayPal accounts.

Sellers Are Gearing up for Amazon Prime Day

Last year’s inaugural Amazon Prime Day broke global records, with unit sales exceeding 2014’s Black Friday holiday-shopping day. Amazon confirmed it will hold the event again, and although our contact wouldn’t confirm the date, Amazon has told sellers it will take place in mid-July.

Etsy Makes Tweaks to Search

Etsy is making two changes to search. In one change, visitors can no longer click on a link to a seller’s Shop when viewing search results – instead, clicking on a Shop name in a listing in search results will lead the buyer directly to the listing page for that seller’s item instead of to the Shop home. The other change impacts which listings will show in search results based on the buyer and seller’s geographic location.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma can’t stop talking about fakes

Jack Ma said Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has “zero tolerance” for counterfeits, repeating a message that has so far failed to quell criticisms of its e-commerce platforms Tmall and Taobao as havens for knock-offs. Brands and intellectual property must be protected and counterfeits are unacceptable, Ma said in an opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal.

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