1. ambrish Kumar Kushwaha Reply

    Article based on research is very nice .Thanks for giving me updates.

  2. All marketplaces have customer friendly policies and most of the time it becomes pain point for online sellers. It looks like marketplaces are completely ignoring side of online sellers. For example, seller ship the product in good condition with 100% quality check and when it comes back as a RTO in hand of seller, Its broken or tampered mostly. Now question is that who will bare this loss? There should be some vendor friendly policies like, Marketplaces should ban the fake customers who are not accepting cod orders and frequently returning it. There should be department to address the merchant concerns at marketplaces….(Not to just hear it – but resolve it in real time)

  3. Ajitabh Reply

    Dear Indians.
    Don’t say Good Article and sit back.
    This is not just article. It is SERIOUS ALARM
    And this is against our nation as well.
    What will you do, if anti-national market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc taking all foreign investments and earning heavy returns and on the other hand small sellers. Common Indians are crying helpless!!!

    Today you can hear about the boom. Fast online sales etc. Which may attractive you to find ways to sell online.

    But, if you are someone having lot of money, spare money or black money – you can go ahead and try selling online on anti national websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc but, if you are common real Indian. STOP here.

    Either sell on old sites like eBay, Shopclues OR sell on OLX, Quikr or you can built your own website and sell from there.

    But, believe me. This is expert opinion SELLING on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal you will just loose and also loose your self-respect.

    They care you nothing. They care you like BEGGAR.
    Buyers are king for them. But, sellers are nothing for them.

    You get order from Amazon but, that does not mean you get profit. The order can be cancelled by worst buyer anytime. They can order after you pack. After you send. And also they can use it, wear it. And then throw on your face.
    You cannot do anything like helpless lady in jungle. There will be no one to listen to your cry.
    They simply say, it is our policy.

    Imagine a situation wherein you invested heavily. You borrowed money from bank or local. After getting sale instead of getting profit. you get complete loss. Because fraud buyer most of the time, use the product and return back.

    And believe me. Returns are too too much easy. You can do anything with this kind of return policies Buyer.

    And anyone can prove that to court as live proof. Even in front of chief justice of Supreme court of India.

    As a common Indian Seller. You purchase item from wholesaler like portable DVD player which comes in seal pack. After you sell it. Your buyer use it for few days and return it. Irrespective of either that is manufacturer warranty or No warranty. YOU MUST accept return.

    NOT only that, you must pay the shipping charges. And after you get back that product. You have to sell it as second hand. And if somebody fraud buyer burn it, you just end up loosing complete money + paying Amazon, Flipkart fees.

    So, come to reality. As a seller you already took debt. You loose 100% + Paid Rs.200 or more from your pocket.

    When you contact eCommerce site like Amazon, they simply says, you can cover from next sales as a advice.

    Imagine you get 5 percent or less profit on sale. So, to cover your losses, you need to waste another 25 sales.

    And from that sales again return. Again losses…

    ASK our blind government to take strict action against those sites OR stop those sites.

    OR ask the Arun Jaitley, Amit Shah, Modi etc to launch a government invested company. And seller on those sites.

    I am 1000% sure they cannot do it. Because even if they sell Rs.1000 crore worth products. They will end up loosing all money with return, fraud policies set by these ecommerce sites.

    OR ask the government based airlines to sell Flight tickets on those websites. Wherein you can book the ticket. At the last money, cancel it. And get 100% refund as buyer.

    Or use flight and after that complaint about facilities and get money back.

    Is that possible?
    Is government of India can do that?

    If NOT why innocent Indians?

    WE do not require here these websites like Amazon. Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

    But, currently government is just interested in getting taxes.

    Will you take action only after complete Indian business will get collapse???

    Why Blind ministers are not taking any serious step in India.

    This is not a small issue. This is too much serious issue. And immediately commerce and all departments should take action. Parliament should pass a strict bill on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other worst websites for cheating with sellers.

  4. Sunny Reply

    I want to join 1000 sellers club against flipkart and sanpdeal and amazon

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