1. yes it totally agree with Sugam.. I found this very helpful for my business.. I have a online store and selling in different marketplaces as well..

  2. Gunpreet Reply

    One of the most genuine interview ever on IOS

  3. Pramod Reply

    To me it looks more like a one sided view. I have been selling on the three bigger market places- the biggest problem is COD and consequent returns. In December, out of every Rs. 100 shipped, I received back material worth Rs. 90, in COD segment, whereas the return in prepaid segment was 0. I do not know if other sellers are analyzing their data from this angle, but for me, COD is the biggest menace in doing online business. In the item that I deal in, the margins are extremely thin – it is just not possible for me to absorb the cost of reverse logistics with so many returns.

    Marketplaces have to evolve a system of reducing fake orders, which invariably happen in COD segment. Till the time they evolve this system, there is absolutely no case for them to pass on the reverse logistics costs to the seller. They are the ones who are soliciting fake orders, and penalizing sellers for not fulfilling those fake orders. They must then pay for the reverse logistics, if it comes to that.

    • PramodJi I agree with you, as soon as marketplaces start implementing such practices things will improve for us sellers but till buyers are educated they do have to bear the liability of the same. But in the long run this practice is harmful for us.

  4. Khizer Reply

    I agree with Sugam, there must be a proper return of product with good packaging, some times packet comes like a broken and trashed due to not well packed during return so we are not able to resend it to another Buyer because no other buyer will accept this product.

  5. I beleive Sugam is Right upto some extent . A sellers mentality related to returns & refunds are directly associated with category of items he is into . We have our brand return policy of 20 days . products priced between 500 to 10k have heighest rturn rates , we have even seen buyers returning due to better price available after he made purchase . Success in e-com is associated with choosing items as suitable for e-com environments

    1) small item with high value
    2) Unique aspect of items cus be very benficial
    3) Doing Business on low margin & high volume on online platform could prove disastrous specially for new sellers who are into this industry after 2012 . never get over exited in festive seasons , as e-com companies do delibarate reach to customers out of which more than 50% is rejected .

    One thing which i can share is presenting s small brand on e-com is very economical way of brand building . NPC consumer items are present on all platforms like snapdeal, amazon, naaptol, rediff, indiatimes, shopclues, infibeam, tolexo, & several others . That has given a intense Brand Value but companies major business comes with entity like tata advance system, L & T & several govt organizations. I consider e-com platform as a brandbuilding stage for a small seller who want a start .

    It is also fact that few top ecom players like ******* , **** have tarnished image of LG , JVC, Reebok ,make my india, satguide & many …that can be discussed later .

  6. Pankaj Toshniwal Reply

    Could anyone share some insights about how and what could be the future of ready-made and custom made furniture, selling online.

  7. akash Reply

    I am currently working with some MNC. I don’t run any offline store and now I have decided to sell products on market places. Could you please suggest any product I can start with?

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