Around the Ecommerce world in 5 mins!

Ecommerce is changing everyday, and sometimes by the minute. So many new ideas and developments everyday, becomes hard to keep track.

We bring to you a curated digest of ecommerce developments/happenings around the world, compiled from various publications across the Internet.

Google’s Hands Free Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Google on Wednesday announced that it has begun testing an app dubbed “Hands Free,” which allows Android and iOS smartphone users to make purchases via their devices without taking them out of their pockets or purses. Early adopters in Silicon Valley can use the payment system at a small number of McDonald’s, Papa John’s and other eateries. The app offers hands-free connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi and location services on a user’s handset, which can detect when it is at a participating store. To check out and pay, the user simply needs to tell the cashier that payment will be made by Google Hands Free.

Amazon Wants to Feed Us and Clothe Us

Amazon wants to feed and clothe us in addition to selling us books, toys, gadgets, and other everyday products. It may not seem as radical an idea today, but the idea that consumers would turn to Amazon for groceries, takeout, and fashions remains a novel one. Internet Retailer has a nice summary of what Amazon has been up to in the fashion line. The publication says you can purchase a cashmere sweater for $120 from “Lark & Ro,” which is one of several Amazon-owned private-label apparel brands.

Police Step In to Protect Craigslist Users

Thanks to the rise in Craigslist-related crimes, police departments around the US and Canada are creating safe trading zones for buyers and sellers who wish to meet in person to complete online transactions. Among the first in the nation was the Boca Raton Police Department in Florida. Officer Sandra Boonenberg told EcommerceBytes the department used to advise people to meet in public places.

eBay and Alibaba Looking for Acquisitions?

eBay announced plans to raise $1.5 billion, while Alibaba is rumored to be looking to borrow about $4 billion. One obvious use of such debt would be to acquire companies – could this be a good time for ecommerce players looking to be acquired? eBay recently raised $750 million, and now it’s offering more notes totaling $1.5 billion.

How Messaging Apps Are Poised to Transform Ecommerce

Online shopping is in the process of getting more personal thanks to messaging apps, and 2016 has been dubbed the year of conversational commerce. Chris Ricci, one of the lead developers of Amazon’s Kindle and the current CTO of ecommerce platform Indigenous Software, provides a look at what’s changing and how it is impacting merchants. Drawing on 20 years of industry experience that includes prominent ecommerce and software development positions at Amazon, Dell, and Sears, Chris Ricci analyzes how ecommerce messaging on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and China’s WeChat will transform how consumers seek out goods and services. He also identifies some of the risks merchants face in implementing an ecommerce messaging strategy.

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