1. Great sharing , just to add a bit , the major problem we are facing is due to fraud buyers and missleading extra shipping cost imposed on our products by marketplaces which are not even paid back to us.
    Also we deal with mobile accessories and loss of buyers is also due to competitor sellers with fake products at much cheaper price listed along with our price.
    Mainly in memory cards and pendrives.
    Still hope to get any solution.

  2. Samir Ahluwalia Reply

    I agree there is one more issue plaguing the online market place new sellers have no clue on how things work come in sell the product at a loss ship sub standard quality product and destroy the listing

    Also lately top sellers have also started selling prices at almost no margin where in they compromise on quality and force the hand of other sellers however they destroy the category by doing that

    I also believe for a year or two or even more serious sellers will have a tough time because of above as online retails seems to be the buzz word now and everyone wants to jump in once the hype dies down and people start burning their hands things will settle down and margins will improve if you manage to survive by then.

    Also sellers need to unite and have an association because though there is protection for buyers sellers are treated like they do not matter i know there are couple but they are not big enough

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