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  1. Sudhir Choudhary Reply

    All other aspects are normal one. But, since government is trying to struggle with Make in India aspiration but, in reality we cannot see anything like that. It seems just for name sake.
    Because here in India lot and lot of people are suffering from unemployment and due to government worst system of tax, only big players, tax payers can do online business on big platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

    Most of the people in india either take small shops or work from home, they simply cannot have VAT. They cannot afford at all for that process. Like in United states and other best countries in India we even do not get any unemployment benefit, either struggle or die with hunger like system

    Government just need taxes, taxes taxes. apart from that nothing they seek, corruption on high peak that at least never end but what about the struggle huge percentage of people

    Indian Government cannot give food to the poor and if somebody can work, no opportunities. It is like ‘We give you food if you have no food, but, we cannot see you eating, even if you have food’ just like sucking blood of the nation. Because nation is not land, nation is people on the land.

    Why government cannot think of poverty whereas billions of rupees is being invested on defence, at least 50 percent of that amount if utilize many problems get solved

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