Ecommerce industry on the radar of Competition Commission of India

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is keeping a watchful eye over the ecommerce industry, in order to analyse the overall impact it is having on retail in the country.

“E-commerce is one of the disruptive technologies we are looking at as it brings structural changes to trade and economy. E-commerce is a new way of retail trade even as the brick-and-mortar format would also exist. The interplay between the traditional and e-commerce will create new dynamics and dimensions in the market and economy. We are in the process of assessing its likely effects on trade and consumers,” said Renuka Jain Gupta, CCI Advisor (Financial Analysis)

The competition commission of India attempts to create a level playing field by protecting the interests of:

  • Trade
  • Commerce
  • General consumers
  • New entrants

In its watchdog role, the Competition Commission of India, carries out detailed research studies, by collecting data and by interviewing various sources to settle problems arising from business.

“Such studies and data collection helps CCI in estimating a likely picture developing in the realm of trade and economy, so that adequate measures in the form of advocacies or advisories could be taken,” said Gupta.

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