Festive Season Sales – Which marketplace is winning?


There was an interesting tweet yesterday about the true winner in the Diwali sales war – Times of India. One might have missed out on the important headlines yesterday, but there was no chance of missing the very evident ad war amongst the biggies – Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon.

But this level of competition has trickled down from the grass root level (in the context of online selling) – the race for supremacy in sales and customer recall.

But before that let’s take a look at the sales on these platforms on the days leading this festive sales week (Data source: Browntape).

Marketplace sales in October

Source: Browntape

Source: Browntape

From the sales of Browntape’s clients, Flipkart is the clear marketplace winner in terms of revenues to sellers. On most of the days in October, Flipkart has registered maximum sales, bar 2-3 days. And it is only one day, 2nd October, when Amazon had a significant lead over Flipkart. On the other days, even if Flipkart was second, the difference from the first wasn’t so much.

It is interesting to note that Paytm hasn’t registered significant sales on any day. Are they saving Alibaba’s funds for later?

D-Day: 13th October

Yes, this time we have to wait till 17th October to know the verdict – who won the festive sales season battle. But considering the first day could throw light on the rest of the days to come, we looked at some more data shared by Browntape.

Source: Browntape

Source: Browntape

Unlike last year when the Big Billion Day actually drove customers from Flipkart to other marketplaces, the etailer seems to have turned things around this year as promised. Out of the sales registered by Browntape’s clients, almost 70% was from Flipkart followed by Amazon with around 22% and Snapdeal with 8%. Again, it is interesting that Paytm registered less than 1% sales.

Flipkart’s sales strategy this year sure is interesting. Apart from the ‘s’ added to the Big Billion Day (from Big Billion Day to Big Billion Days), the app-only announcement took everyone by surprise. But it doesn’t look like that deterred customers or their purchases. Also, the fact that they will be opening a new category each day for deals is interesting.

Snapdeal did have a headstart as it started quite a few days earlier with different deals on different days. Despite that, it has been behind Flipkart on most days.

Keep watching this space, we’ll keep you posted on who’s leading the race each day. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Browntape helps retailers sell online on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. marketplaces in India. They provide services and software that allow retailers to either outsource their online selling business or manage things on their own using their innovative inventory and order management software.

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  1. sathish Reply

    I sell t-shirts on multiple marketplace and my combined sales for past 2 days 13th & 14th Oct15:
    Amazon 2000+
    Flipkart 120+
    Ebay 100+

    Not only for me, amazon sales increased by 3x to 5x then any normal day to many sellers who are selling with amazon on different categories, how come flipkart been on top of the chart!!

    I am sure Amazon will be the top winner for this diwali season and many sellers would agree this, go check…

    • Hi Sathish, sounds like a good week for you already. Experiences and sales vary for each set of sellers. The data above is based on clients of Browntape Technologies, so yes the winner could be different coming from another source. We’ll keep you posted for any updates we get. Thanks.

  2. Hi, my sales on Amazon have been atleast 5 times of what it was on Flipkart, in no way sales of Flipkart are anyways close to Amazon sales, either these numbers are manipulated or sellers who gave these numbers are more active on Flipkart

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