[Seller interview] “Meeting supply with demand was a challenge.” How did they tackle it? Team The Yellow Door Store shares

The Yellow Door Store was conceptualized on a walk. A talk between two sisters led to the founder, Versha Vohra, realizing her love and fondness for furniture, that made her follow her heart to launch The Yellow Door Store. The aim was to provide a bridge between overpriced designer products and clichéd low quality products.

Thus, The Yellow Door Store was launched as a one-stop shop to address all décor woes of customers at competitive prices.

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Karan Kohli, part of The Yellow Door Store team, shares their ecommerce journey so far.

Before getting into online selling

Before getting on the ecommerce bandwagon, The Yellow Door Store was profitably retailing premium gifts for all occasions. We catered to a large number of customers and corporates who much appreciated our unique designs and creative products. The feedback and experience we got soon led to their online presence in the form of www.theyellowdoorstore.com.

The Yellow Door outlet, Gurgaon

The Yellow Door outlet, Gurgaon

Starting the ecommerce adventure

We started selling on Etsy.com with a range of signature candle stands T-light holders, which are still very much part of our current portfolio. These handcrafted products are still appreciated by our old and new customers alike.

All our products are manufactured in the factories we have across India.


Meeting supply with demand was a huge problem initially. We didn’t keep much stock in hand so we had to get the products manufactured every time we ran out of stock. That was a lesson we learnt quickly and started stocking up our hot selling products soon.

Based on the product, we either stock the inventory or make them as per orders. All our packaging is done as per international export standards in which the product passes through drop test before shipping. Starting from providing ample amount of cushioning to the product and then packing it in crate packaging for bigger furniture pieces, we ensure that the product reaches the client’s door step the way they saw it on the website or even better.

Crate packaging

Crate packaging

We have chosen a few marketplaces to sell on – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal. We find it smooth to deal with Flipkart. But our focus will always be on our own store. We get 50-70 orders per day now, but we aim to touch 200 orders per day target by ctober 2015.

Logistics, a key factor, is a problem area for us, as it would be for many sellers we believe. We are hoping for some positive developments in the segment so that all of us can benefit.

Marketing channels

We have our own blog, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram account, Pinterest Boards to name a few. We have had different responses on different social media channels but out of them all, Facebook is the one place that has given us the maximum number of returns.

We also do participate in exhibitions sometimes and have our own retail outlet. It is necessary to do so from a marketing perspective as it helps the customers to get a look and feel of the product, which is very important in the furniture business.

Client testimonial – For my own house and for the people I love, I always love buying The Yellow Door Store’s products. From perfect gifting options to great utility products, from kitchen to the lobby, I think they have everything someone would need to make a beautiful home! Our favorite store – Rita & Ramesh Lamba, Gurgaon
Rita & Ramesh Lamba

Rita & Ramesh Lamba


We have only a select few products retailing through marketplaces and a majority of them are available exclusively on our website only so balancing them becomes quiet easy. As for the profitability, initially it was the marketplaces, but now our website and retail store has superseded them.

Eventually, we want to operate through our own store only.

Thoughts about the online seller community in India

There has been a huge increase in online sales since we started. People are more open towards buying things online now than they were earlier. From food to furniture everything is now being sold online and there is a huge potential for the market to grow still. Although the Indian market is still young, it’s also that much larger. We still have a lot of people reluctant and scared to make online transactions that’s why COD is a thriving option here.

Team The Yellow Door Store is in complete love with their business with the right team and the right spirit towards taking it to greater heights. Despite the hurdles, they kept their faith in their products and the support from customers, which helped them through their darkest moments.

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