Why your Brand Doesn’t Need to go Online

Editor | Oct 15, 2020

This is a guest post from Zepo and is intended as a satirical post on “Why not to sell online?”. Selling online is important nowadays, hence views mentioned in this article are meant as soft sarcasm only.

Well, for brand owners today, taking their brand online has become imperative not only for expanding their business but also for continuation of their existence. But some businesses tend to think otherwise and while there is absolute liberty to them to deny the highly apparent importance of going online in this age of internet, we wouldn’t judge them.

“Because it is #mychoice” trending on twitter.

Businesses ranging from small to big have expressed some real genuine reasons behind their decision to not to take their brand online. And we suggest you to follow them, if you fall in any of the following cases that we have listed below:

1.If you don’t want your business to run for 24 hours

Indeed a very genuine reason. If you like to follow a strict routine of working 40 hours a week and going offline on weekends, both for yourself and your business, then taking your brand online would be a very bad idea. Because internet is open 24x7x365 and people can scour your products on you store anytime they want, according to their convenience. So, regardless of whether you are checking your bills on Friday or playing volleyball by the beach on Saturday, your business will keep running.2.

2.If you think your customers are not online

Last time I checked, residential apartments, funeral stuff, heroine, tea and even bullshit was being sold online but then, how does it matter. Your customers might not be online. And while rest of the world is looking to buy a honeymoon package on Mars, your customers might be drilling rocks in the Himalayas hunting for the fountain of youth.

3.You discovered internet first time when they gave you free data pack YESTERDAY

In this case, you are absolutely cool doing business out of your bricks and mortar store. Infact rather than figuring out why do you need an online store for your brand, try figuring out why do you need internet for yourself. You can start with ‘how to Google?’

Further, you are certainly not to be blamed if you did not know how to use internet until now. It is certainly the service provider’s fault. Gratify yourself with the fact that there are many naked men in Amazon who are still striking stones to light fire forget about using internet. You are excellent, if you take those men as a benchmark.

4.You have a specific clientele

If you are resembling any way to any of the guys who have put up this banner

Then you are well off without an online store because because a) the above images are more than 50 years old b) on internet you cannot put up a filter to let only specific kind of breed visit your store.

5.If you think you cannot do it yourself

Unless you don’t fall in the 3rd category or you are not one of those guys who were searching for the fountain in Himalayas, creating an online store shouldn’t be a problem for you.

With multiple open source software and SaaS solutions available in the market, creating an online store is as easy as not creating one. Analogy might not be right in this context but I am sure that the sentiment has been conveyed.

For instance Zepo can help you create your online store in 2 minutes. You can slide through 100s of themes and create an online store of your choice. But it’s okay if you still think that you cannot do it yourself because there is no solution for most of the problems in this world, no-desire-to-do also being one of them.

6.You love your competitors

Regardless of whether or not you want to venture online, your competitors are certainly going to. And that implies that you are voluntarily driving your customers, who were searching for your product on internet, to your competitors. But yet it is justified to lose customers and not to take your brand online, as long as your love for your competitors is true and binding and blinding.

7.You want to keep your customers curious

With cheap and easy accessibility of internet to people, consumers are extensively checking about the product on internet before making a purchase. Like it used to be, say 10 years ago, friends and family are no more the biggest influencer in your customer’s purchasing decisions. They are being eclipsed by abundant resource available online for a customer to decide on his purchase. So when your customers would search for your product, they would have to be disappointed, thereby letting you to succeed in your quest to keep them curious.

8.You are shutting your business or maybe forced to shut it

Sad. We hope you re-start.

9.If you want to turn back to the internet-less era

Currently more than 40% of the world population is connected with internet and nearly 85% of them have used internet to shop online. This figure is going to increase hugely if not exponentially and every business has to bend accordingly to reach their target audience. If you do not want to be part of this tide then you better find the device that can take you 100 years back because for a brand, not going online is not a choice anymore.

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