[WomEntrepreneur Series] Julia Bliss explains why ecommerce is great!

Editor | Sep 10, 2020

Julia Bliss needs no introduction. Those who are familiar with the world of Bollywood know that she has starred in the popular Hindi movie Ghost, alongside Shiney Ahuja.

Recently, Julia Bliss has decided to start a new ecommerce venture, selling signature furniture online. Why has she made this shift to ecommerce? In this interview, Julia Bliss reveals what makes online retail so profitable and convenient.

What challenges did you face in starting your business online?

Well, at first, it was not easy to deliver the right message about our product to the audience. Bliss Bag is not just a bean bag, like any other. Bliss Bag is a high quality frameless accessory for your home. It’s a premium product… and not because we just decided to call it this way, but because of Bliss Bag has a list of USPs versus the common bean bag. One of which is proper finishing (double tucks, straight double stitches, etc.) that increases durability of the bag and allows our customers to enjoy Bliss Bag much longer than a common bean bag. Also, we do not use leather or leatherette to produce our product as they stick to your body after showering or using a swimming pool. Instead, we use waterproof, easy washable soft surfaced coated material. Details are important. So we don’t sell bean bags. We present Bliss Bags…as a separate niche in Indian market. 

What’s the difference between traditional and online retail?

Buying online has become so common and convenient these days, that you don’t really think of getting up from your comfy Bliss Bag and drive all the way to some furniture store, spend another hour to choose what you like. If likely, that showroom does have things you like, or drive in traffic to another one, if it doesn’t. Time is a biggest treasure, there are just a few who want to waste it roaming around the entire day for something you can get in one click. In India online shopping now became massive.

What is your Innovation with the times & Strategies to better the business?

If I tell you what innovations we use in strategies to improve our business, they won’t be innovations any longer !

However, I must admit that it was quite challenging to enter the online retail business. However, Browntape made the venture more comfortable, since it provides end-to-end services right from managing orders to updating the inventory and managing logistics. Selling online can get quite intimidating sometimes and Browntape’s sotware and enterprise support turned out to be a great help.

Which are the new categories that excite you now?

Designed products. Unique products. Always excite me.

Is there opportunity for more women in this segment? Do you see potential for more women to participate in online apparel?

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a businessman or a businesswoman. The keyword is Business.

Your favorite tech / gadget to keep you in loop with your business?

All possible “i-gadgets”

Your business mantra that you follow and wish to share?

Stay focused. Stay Blissed

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