Flipkart to pay Rs 5,500 compensation for cancelling a Rs 400 order!

The year 2014 was the year of unbeatable discounts in the Indian ecommerce space. No doubt, it helped in attracting customers by the thousands to a large extent. But in the race for popularity with customers, did marketplaces forget to take stock of their ethics?

Flipkart hit, the hard way!

Did Flipkart (and probably other marketplaces too) forget that the ‘Customer is King’, especially when the wrong nerve is struck with them? For a customer, it is as simple as raising a complaint!

A customer Atul ordered a mobile phone for Rs 400 in September last year, when Flipkart was offering 94% off on its portal. The delivery was promised by September 22nd, but the order was auto cancelled by September 15th and Atul received his refund amount.

Flipkart, in its reply, stated, “Due to the huge demand of products, and to provide customers an equal opportunity to avail the said deal, the order was cancelled.”

Needless to say, Atul was irked and complained at the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Chandigarh. Flipkart tried to argue that customer should take it up with the mobile manufacturer.

However, the consumer forum upheld that the interactions were between Flipkart and the complainant; hence the online marketplace was liable to compensate Atul with Rs 5,500 for the deficient services.

What should an Indian Online Seller take note of?

This Flipkart-Atul story is not a one-off case; with the increasing popularity of online retail, there are many wrong-doings that take place in the space – sometimes from the marketplaces, sometimes from the sellers, sometimes even from consumers!

Remember, customers are extremely intolerant when it comes to dissatisfaction. Ensure you sell only genuine quality products and never make the mistake of over-promising just to acquire customers. It’s more trouble if you don’t live up to what you have promised.

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  1. goinindia Reply

    Hi pooja,

    This story looks incomplete can you please complete the story (specially about the 5500 rupees part i couldnt find that in the story)

  2. Brijesh Reply

    Flipkart did the samething with me. I had ordered S7 edge on 13th march. They promised to deliver the phone by 22 march. Now they have canceled my order. I am thinking of putting in. A complain too.

  3. archana Reply

    this article have good information.


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