Flipkart Targets West Bengal to Increase its Seller Base!


Flipkart is now eyeing West Bengal to increase its seller base by offering marketing support and training to sellers.

The company now looking to increase its seller base from 3,000 to 1 lakh by the end of this year is investing in the state for its excellent range of home décor, handloom, clothing and handicraft products. The ‘craftsmen-turned-sellers’ of West Bengal are definitely in for a treat.

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  1. goinindia Reply

    they have not done business in west bengal hence they do not know…..hehehehehe

    • Pooja Vishant Reply

      Is it not a lucrative region for online business?

      • goinindia Reply

        No there are only traditional garment /handloom manufacturers out there. Government is pretty unfriendly.. one example is 1% entry tax on all goods coming into west bengal. Totally business unfriendly westbengal

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