Amazon sellers: Saturday also shipping day for self-fulfilled orders

Amazon has set many a record ever since its entry into the Indian ecommerce market in 2013. Last year, it was ahead of Flipkart and Snapdeal in terms of sales in just ten months. Earlier this year, we heard about Amazon being the first to achieve $2 billion in sales by the end of this fiscal year.

Last week, we heard about Amazon’s intention to open a warehouse in Hyderabad in line with its expansion plans. Additionally, the ecommerce giant is now going to consider Saturdays also as working days to ship orders, effective from 24th February 2015.

This is in response to customer and seller feedback about extending the service to Saturdays also, considering that many courier companies continue operations on Saturdays as well. Previously, Saturday was omitted from the calculation of Estimated Ship Date, which added to delivery time to customers.

For example, earlier if an order was placed on a Tuesday, the estimated shipping time (if handling time required was 4 days) would be the following Monday. But as per the new timelines, the estimated shipping time would be Saturday, the fourth day from the date of placement of order.

Word of caution to Indian Online Seller

In order to continue selling on Amazon, sellers must keep track of the following instructions:

  • Rate of late shipments must be less than 4% of orders
  • Cancellations must be 2.5% of orders
  • If orders are not shipped or confirmed as shipped within 48 hrs after the estimated shipping date, the Auto cancellation policy of Amazon will come into effect. The order will be cancelled automatically and the refund will be given to customer.


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  1. esellerindia Reply

    All of these rules do not apply for amazon fulfilled orders…. only for seller fulfilled orders… ever wonder why?

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