India Post to launch own online marketplace!

When technology brought people closer, the traditional post system took a bad hit. However, it is ironic that ecommerce is now reviving India Post again, in the most ingenious way. We had earlier witnessed India Post offering delivery and logistics services to ecommerce companies, especially plugging in last-mile deliveries for smaller towns, where it had the strongest network as compared to other private logistics companies.

India Post joins ecommerce bandwagon

It seems like India Post has now realised the immense scope of profit in ecommerce. If reports are to be believed, it is soon going to launch its own ecommerce portal just like Amazon or eBay. This is interesting news because it seems like the Post system which had earlier suffered due to the advancement of technology, now stands to make big profits from it.

Mr John Samuel, member of Postal Services Board says, “At planning and designing phase now, the final rollover of the dedicated postal e-commerce portal may take another 6 months. But we are excited about this new avatar in our service basket.”

This is in sync with a IT related infrastructure modernization plan worth Rs 4909 crore that aims to revive the Indian Postal system. Also, RS 2000 crore will apparently be spent to purchase new vehicles for faster and effective delivery of products.

Mr John Samuel explains why India Post could have a great future in ecommerce. “Wide and fast growing coverage of Internet through computer and mobile phones are bringing more and more people from even remote corners to the doorsteps of e-commerce. There lies our new opportunity. Moreover delivery of the items is a major issue for all e-commerce authorities. Here also India Post excels with its 1.5 lakh establishments and time tested connectivity network. But we need to bring change in our own attitude at certain corners to churn out the best out of this initiative.”

We think this is a great move by India Post. Certainly, their foray into ecommerce will prove to be a profitable venture!

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