Ecommerce needs more manpower to ride growth wave

Indian ecommerce has recorded an astounding 30 per cent CAGR growth rate as compared to only 8-10 per cent globally. This clearly underlines the fact that online retail is picking up fast. We have constantly been reporting how the industry is hiring and trying to retain the best talent and employees, in order to tackle this fast growth and progress.

According to latest figures, the industry may need over 1 lakh candidates within the next six months, to hire and strengthen companies’ work teams.  Prasanth Nair, Country Head of global head-hunting firm InHelm Leadership Solutions explains, “Support service sectors such as recruitment consulting firms are witnessing a rush of hiring in the e-commerce space. The country’s e-commerce space is estimated to hire one lakh people in the next six months period.”

We had previously reported how the industry wanted to hire creative and computer design specialists to improve user interface and the sale efficiency of shopping websites. However, it is not so simple to bag talented professionals in this field. Nair explains why, “The biggest challenge in e-commerce sector is to retain key people. Compensation – immediate, short term and long term – are all important but employees in this sector look beyond just money. Unlike other sectors, empowerment, working culture, and focus on innovation are also critical.”

In the same vein, we had earlier witnessed how Flipkart was doing all it could to recognise and acknowledge the contribution of talented employees in an attempt to strengthen its business growth strategy. It seems like the entire industry is now following suit.


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