[Infographic] How to Address Unhappy Customers on Facebook and Twitter

‘Customer is the King’ or so it’s said. Retail has always been about customer is always right. Online retail hasn’t changed that, rather it has reinforced this and sellers complain about marketplaces giving more attention to customer queries than seller woes.

Social media has added to the pressure of keeping customers happy at any cost. One fault from the etailer’s side and it’s up all over the internet with pictures and videos and comments and shares. And it’s no secret that people react more when they are miffed, so an unhappy customer can lead to the danger of more unhappy customers as they turn to ‘talking’ and ‘sharing’ about how they don’t trust the etailer anymore.

While it’s not possible to stop tweets and posts, you could ensure unethical practices, if any, are kept in check on your side. Also, all customers do not react the same way. Have a look at the infographic below to see how you could handle certain types of customers.


Source: exacttarget

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