Flipkart to launch Flipkart Fashion Files, lifestyle content page


Fashion e-commerce and content blogging are like rum and coke – perfect combination and complement each other! The latest marketplace to adapt to this trend will be Flipkart. It has announced the launch of a lifestyle content page named “Flipkart Fashion Files”. This page would be handled by the international mass media company, Condé Nast.

What’s it going to be like?

Mukesh Bansal, Head – Fashion, Flipkart, is leading the initiative. He was also instrumental in launching Myntra’s fashion blog earlier. The lifestyle blog would have celeb interviews, features on fashion divas, brand stories, trends update etc. Flipkart has finalized Ileana D’Cruz to be the face of the Fashion Files for November.  The celeb angle reminds one of Alia Bhatt launching her collection on Jabong a couple of months back.

Alex Kuruvilla, Managing Director of Condé Nast India said, “This is a very exciting opportunity for us as we add Flipkart to our global portfolio of Condé Nast’s international contract publishing clients that include Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, Mandarin Oriental, among others.”

How can an online store’s blog help?

Whether the site sells apparel, or other products like electronics or home décor, a blog page for an ecommerce site can serve several purposes:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): If content pages are full of links and link-backs, optimized keywords and relevant content, they help bring up the ranking of the site. Thus a blog can get more people to visit the parent site.
  • Help content: A lot of products bought and sold online are complex – be it electronics, or outdoor gear or anything quirky. A little blog post covering how to use a product can increase sales and decrease returns.
  • FAQs: Instead of or in addition to a mundane FAQ section, a blog can provide relatable experiences that deal with common problems.
  • Meet the brand: It’s always nice to put a face to a name. Posts about what’s new at the company, or a story about a brand listed on the site can be a great fun read!
  • Promote without hard selling: By mixing the right amount of photography and text content, a lifestyle content page can create curiosity and inspire people to buy without saying “Buy this. Now!”

Who else has been doing it?

The trend of blogs by e-marketplaces is not new. International marketplaces, such as Etsy, REI, BirchBox etc. have been doing it, and doing it right!

Closer home, Fashionara has a svelte blog where you can find posts about products, latest trends, or even general wellness!

Myntra, acquired by Flipkart, updates the world about the latest happenings in Myntra.

However, the blog by Styletag is one definitely worth visiting. They focus on one style at a time, and with attractive pictures and precise text, compel readers to at least check out the product if not buy!

Niche e-commerce sites have been blogging for way longer, and one that is worth a mention is Done by None’s blog. It is quirky, interesting and does not hard sell.

Let’s see how Flipkart Fashion Files fares on the success meter!

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