Flipkart will display weight slab against each listing, helpful for sellers?


Flipkart has introduced yet another seller friendly feature.

Flipkart has informed sellers through email that weight slabs or weight range of each product will be displayed with the other listing details.

Source: Flipkart's email to sellers

Source: Flipkart’s email to sellers

E-kart charges by weight slab and not by individual weights. So when you list a product weighing 600 gms, Flipkart will right away tell you which weight slab will be applicable.

How will sellers benefit with Flipkart’s weight slab display system?

  • Weight reconciliation will be easier.
  • You will know right away how much will be charged for each product.

Although it sounds like a small extra number being added on your listings page, it will save your time in calculations and keeping track of billings from Flipkart to you.

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