Changes in eBay Remittance Member Status again

Effective 17th October 2014, eBay will evaluate Remittance Status on slightly different criteria. The PaisaPay remittance process is constantly evaluated and the criteria for Member Remittance status were previously modified in July 2014.

According to the latest eBay announcement:

  • Sellers will be assigned a ‘Platinum’ or ‘Silver’ Remittance Member Status depending on the present performance of their accounts.
  • Remittance will be released based on the revised Member Status.

Status Assigned


Remittance release timeline



Delivery Confirmation  (As per existing timelines)


Above Standard & Below Standard

Delivery Confirmation + 14 Days


Remittance Member Status will be informed by email or sellers can check in their ‘My PaisaPay Summary’.

Status can change from time to time depending on the performance of seller. So someone looking to improve performance can keep a track using the seller dashboard and take the necessary steps to improve and maintain status.

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  1. Kalswe Ch Reply

    This is a waste of EBAY. Have to wait nearly a month after selling to get the money back. What about the interest for the 14 days which Ebay keeps money it self.

    • Hi u can go for your own website instead just by a simple registration and then using it for 14 days free trial.
      Worldmart is such a eCommerce website where it provides store for be online in just now time and selling on there own website with there own website name for further inquiries u can go on and just register yourself and get a 14 days free trail also u can call me to 9322381553-JOS

  2. goinindia Reply

    with this payment policy ebay is the last place anybody would want to sell in India.

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