Flipkart & OLX team up to enhance customer experience

Flipkart is a portal selling new items, while OLX is a classifieds portal selling old items. What then is the benefit of the two teaming up?

To leverage on each other’s strengths and provide a better shopping experience to customers, Flipkart and OLX have partnered with the latest marketing campaign to offer combined benefits to encourage sales for several products within the electronics category. In the first phase, customers will be urged to sell their old items or devices on OLX and then upgrade to newer models from Flipkart.

“The idea for this tie-up was conceived keeping in mind the strong and independent position of OLX and Flipkart in their respective space. The rationale for the number one online classifieds platform and the leading e-commerce platform coming together for a marketing campaign is a seamless one,” OLX.in CEO Amarjit Batra said.

On the tie-up, Flipkart’s Senior Vice-President (Marketing) Ravi Vora said, “At Flipkart, our constant endeavour has been to make online shopping convenient and attractive to the masses in the country. With this partnership with OLX, we will be able to provide an end-to-end solution to customers especially in the electronics categories where selling old products is an integral part of the buying process.”

Benefit for an Indian Online Seller with Flipkart’s and OLX’s tie-up?

Sometimes customers hold back on their purchases because of the ensuing guilt of abandoning their old possessions. But with this campaign, they will be able to have a holistic shopping experience when they would be able to dispose of their old products first before buying the new ones, thus leaving no room for guilt or apprehensions.

So this could mean more sales for you if you are selling electronics products.

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