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  1. Imall M Reply

    Hello All Members who are Selling on Ebay India Or other websites or planning to Start online selling.
    PLEASE check the points of Zabardast, Lemon Etc

    These are the correct points. Apart from these problems you will FACE many other problems on Ebay.in

    this is happening because of the worst LAW system in our country. A
    country wherein people makes hundreds of rounds at courts to get justice
    for any issue. And that run for years and years. And there are cases
    where people actually die before the case closes.

    “Justice Delay
    is JUSTICE denied” But, these fellows never understand and this will
    not going to change for sure in our country as per the current situation
    since years.

    I have mentioned about cases and courts. This is
    not related to online selling but, LAW system in our country is the
    worst in the world. So, even in future if any LAW come to protect
    dealers / sellers that will be no helpful at all.

    Ebay India is the foreign website and ruling our dealers.

    Although BUYERS have nothing to loose. ONLY Sellers suffer.

    purchase any small item, general item like laptop table, ear phone,
    mobile accessory or china phone etc. In regular shop once item sold and
    if you report any problem even after a hour, they will simply say, no
    warranty on general items.
    Because shop vendor to purchase from wholesaler or import it. And they too do not get any replacement or warranty.

    after getting their stock, they check and defective products are losses
    for them. They do not sell that to you. You already see the product,
    purchase it and that is all. Anything can happen with goods. Even if you
    are seller you know about this. There are millions of offline shops in
    our country and everyone knows this.

    But, on Ebay. Fraud fellows,
    inhumane cheaters take completely wrong advantage. There are around 10%
    fraud buyers are there. And they are increasing because of the Ebay
    India policies.

    Their Trust and Safety, claims, negative feedback everything is to help buyers. Even beyond the limit. Even illegally.

    But, SELLER cannot do anything.
    Seller even cannot leave a negative feedback for Buyer. As a seller only you can leave positive feedback or no feedback.

    But, Buyer can leave negative / neutral feedback illegally.
    Buyer can raises a claim. There claim system is really worst and meaningless.
    Even you purchase product and after few hours you can raise a claim even before item is shipped.
    Selling limit, multiple fees to Ebay.
    customer care agents and supervisors from Ebay. Yes it is true you get
    reply after 7 days, 20 days etc. That too meaningless answer and without
    They disconnect chats and say technical issue.
    It takes more than 30 minutes to reach customer care that too they transfer from one department to another department.

    powership wrong weight issues are most common. If your item is 100
    grams they can even charge with false information like 1 KG, 2 KG etc
    and as per the information they get from courier, they directly bill
    that to your account. Even if cost of the item is Rs.100 and they charge
    2 KG for smallest item. you will end up paying minus amount.
    Like if they charge Rs.150 as shipping charges, you already sent the item free of cost.
    Plus you are also paying Rs.50 to Ebay.
    even charge ‘Fixed price’ fees. that means as soon as item get sold
    like Rs.1000 item, they deduct like Rs.50 as fixed price and bill to
    your account. That you need to pay on your monthly bill to Ebay.
    most of the times few fraud buyers try some tricks like purchasing from
    Tablets, mobiles etc just entering fake information of debit card etc,
    for time pass etc, even though sale is not done and Ebay do not get
    money. They simply send email from system within seconds saying
    ‘Congratulations! your item sold’ and also inform you ship the item once
    buyer pays. Ebay knows buyer did not pay and payment is not successful
    still they bill your account.

    And for that you need to keep that
    email. Wait for 4 days. After 4 days you need to go to resolution
    center, enter item number saying ‘Buyer did not pay’ and open a case.
    Again wait for 4 days and close the case.

    This takes weeks to get back your own money.
    most of the new sellers even do not know this that Ebay charge this
    amount. Because, if you do not open and close the case, you will not get
    that money.

    So, you are freely paying Ebay fixed price for that unsuccessful transactions and Ebay is taking that illegally.

    really don’t understand why this fellows charge you for listing fees.
    Suppose if you are listing 100 items, you will end up paying Rs.200
    every week. Even if item is not sell at all. This listing fees is
    separate fees. This is again normal listing. if you list some other
    premium you need to pay more.

    you are paying Ebay in this way

    A) Fixed price fees
    B) Listing fees.
    C) transaction fees ( while sending item, they deduct this amount)

    So, people paying too much to Ebay. It is SELLERS because of whom Ebay is earning huge money.
    And these people again give trouble to SELLERS itself.

    about new sellers. Even if you are selling doing business since years
    and you have already sold thousands of items. Still rudely they do not
    listen to you.

    They block the seller accounts.
    They restrict the listing.

    And there are too many problems on Ebay.

    you are just selling for small basic. you can sell but, if you invest,
    depend on this site and you see sale is growing, you invested huge money
    and suddenly anytime they can simply restrict and say limit.

    Ebay Guarantee claim is the pathetic system. Because of this, they
    might have make losses to thousands of innocent sellers.

    Sellers cannot do anything on Ebay. Like British people rule our country. Now Ebay is ruling sellers.

    All these words are 100% correct and as per the experience of many sellers.

    If anyone want, you can simply purchase item and check how illegally you can raise a claim.

    this kind of business would have in real offline business. our regular
    shops. Then the whole business system would have vanished from the

    Already due to competition you are selling a low price.
    you are investing, you are working hard. And there are too many back end
    works when you sell online. They are too many tensions. Even after that
    Fraud buyers can raise claim and also black mail you or give negative
    feedback. Ebay fellows just do not do anything.

    Even Ebay knows there are fraud buyers. Still this kind of issues go on.

    Because, people are fool in India.
    can a innocent small seller do, if any fraud buyer purchases a product.
    USED it. After few days of rough use, he want to dispose it and get
    refund. He raises a claim.

    This is not a small issue, this is the
    most serious issue. Check in forums and websites they are many sellers
    crying and no help.

    You can hear many news saying government ‘Jago grahak’. Consumer forums etc.
    But, online there is BiG fraud going on and making innocent seller in losses.
    Which LAW is there?

    offline shop, you will not face this issue. Because with the direct
    communication your buyer directly purchase or NOT purchase. But, online
    in Ebay, these people block your money. Pay you after almost a month.

    And if there is any claim, issue they directly deduct the money from your account.

    NOT only this, if you hear this, if you are planning to sell, you will go back.

    1.) A Seller listed mobile phone costing Rs.14000
    2.) A Buyer purchase it.
    3.) Seller ship the item.
    4.) After few days Buyer raises claim.
    5.) Ebay pays you after almost a month. But, Buyer raises a claim within a week or 10 days etc.
    So, till now Ebay NOT paid you for that mobile phone. But, still, they directly deduct the money from
    Paisapay account.
    That means your actual 14000 + 14000 = 28000 you are blocking.
    This is new rule and really against any business rule.
    Again they will pay you that amount once claim is closed. you will find few + ( plus ) and – ( minus) entries in your payment.

    Yes you will find many entries saying paid, deducted for single transaction.

    When contacted Ebay tell you. As per new policy once claim is raised, we will deduct the amount.
    No matter how badly you explain you.
    I have seen a comment from Seller saying he is almost feeling like “S U I C I D E”

    closes in your favor or buyer favor that is different story. Ebay
    deducting the money from your account. That is NOT PAID till now.

    How can one deduct the money without paying it?

    Not only these, there are many and many problems selling online.
    open your own website or improve on selling in offline shop itself.
    Because even opening website is difficult and involves lot of
    investment. If you are big player it is good.

    Even after all these problems. heartless Ebay fellows still count all ‘Claims’ and negative feedback in your account.

    You are not responsible for ‘Invalid claim’ still they count it.
    You are the victim of invalid negative feedback, still they count it.

    Because all that suffering is SELLERS. Not Ebay.

    Even few mindless Buyers give feedback due to error or some issue on Ebay site. And that feedback goes to SELLER account only.

    And worst and very unfair policy with Ebay is. After your score is 95% etc. And your current feedbacks are 500
    even if you get more feedbacks, that do not increase feedback score from 95%
    But, if anyone give negative feedback that score decreases. Directly from 95% to 94.5% etc

    as per the calculations for more number of feedback your positive
    feedback grounds in points like 95.1% etc after receiving 10 positive
    feedback etc.
    So, 1 negative feedback equal to 50 positive feedback.

    Now IMAGINE the worst policy of Foreign American fellows ruling in our country.
    And we are still working under them.

    We know there are few big sellers OR sellers who do not experience more issues says good on Ebay.
    But, that is not correct.

    your regular shop once item is sold, you can count your profit and
    happy. But, on Ebay India. Once your item is sold you will get money
    after weeks. That too after working hard. And if there is claim that
    goes in buyer favor. you will just end up in losses.

    There are inhumane and fraud buyers, who actually purchase it. Test it. Wear it. And then raised invalid claims.
    They think themselves smart but, NOT they are the criminals.

    But, unfortunately, there is no LAW to catch them.

    Purchase one jacket. Wear it in function. After that raise a claim or black mail seller. To get illegal benefit / refund etc
    there are thousands of small sellers suffering as smart Fraud buyers
    after purchasing black mail and ask for some money or some item. And
    helpless few seller send that item free.

    Although even after serious matter. Even if government of India knows this, those fellows never do anything.
    But, this information at least help some poor sellers.

    All information is not included here. there are many and many other problems on Ebay India.

    request the SELLER and Reader, please take this seriously as a matter
    of social work. To help other people. Please report this message on
    other websites, forums, facebook or as much as possible.

    Ebay always concentrate on buyer

    Being Human is not Great. Being Good Human is Great.

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